Chinese Man Gets Liquor Bottle Stuck In His Ass

Chinese Man Gets Liquor Bottle Stuck In His Ass

This is from China, it shows a man who was having a little too much fun with a liquor bottle and it went a bit too deep. I’ve worked in the ER for a long time.. I’ve seen a lot of really weird things, and I know it’s very unprofessional to laugh, but come on. You have someone come in and tell you they have a liquor bottle up their ass and see if you don’t laugh. If you’re going to stick something like this up your ass, at least attach a string to the end of it or something. People are fucking weird.

Thanks @MrsPink. <3

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68 thoughts on “Chinese Man Gets Liquor Bottle Stuck In His Ass

  1. Ummmmmm I don’t quite know what to say, I’m speechless… Except this…. what a dumbass… I shouldn’t be shocked but wow just OMG wow! … and you know his first thought after losing control of the bottle was one word…SHIT !!!

  2. Woah, tripy… it’s like his ass has an eyeball lol

    Seeing all these weird fetishes makes me feel like my own ones aren’t that weird after all. There’s always someone more fucked up than you are… wonder what the next level of weird would be after sticking liquor bottles up your ass… hmmm probably shouldn’t go there.

  3. Unbelievable an eye within an eye …….. who the fuck said that chinkies are bad at seeing because their eyesockets to their heads are slant ….what about the eyes to their butts .Having one is one thing but having two is remarkable indeed .

    A fetish gone too far so it seems here
    Anal pleasures don’t come cheap you gotta have dildos doing that but they come dearer . ……….A tipsy trip seems to have been taken too far and in this case he thought that bottle was someone’s cock up his smelly butt .
    on another laughter note guys just think about What if the dicks were to get sucked in like that balls deep without no lube but that would be a a sheer fantasy which is never gonna come true .

    • HaHa Ol’ brown eye. Hey Bro @blucon I once heard a comment on the radio about someone that toured a sex shop. They saw some huge dildos and asked the shop keeper if those really fit inside women. The shop keeper replied, “Those are for men”. So the moral of the story is if one has the desire to shove shit up the ol’ bum, why not invest in a dick shaped toy and avoid a trip to the ER.

      • Hey there Bro @BornToRun ……. like ya said why not invest in something of a dick shaped toy and avoid an uncalled visit to the ER . I wish everyone of those who are at it seriously thought of doing so by holding either their own or someone else’s dick
        ……but there lies a catch with some of those who indulge in seeking anal pleasure for they get to know too late when that desire to shove shit up their ol’ bum gets too overwhelming and when the thores of pleasure are reached . either they find the object gone too deep inside and try as they might but fail to retrieve it out ……and then a trip to the ER comes about mandatory .
        BTW that comment on the radio you made a mention about had me laugh like a mad .

  4. Too much asshole for Mr Wong to watch before make breakfast this morning. Boy, he really shove that bottle in there good. Congratulations Mrs Girl for make post video of Chinese remake famous music video ‘In Too Deep’ make by Phil Collins.

  5. I’ll never find this type of crap easy to watch to be honest… 😐 I question people’s mental health if they wanna shove things into places that arent supposed to be used that way… I bet if you give these people a grinder they will gladly stuff their hand (or something else) in it without questioning too. πŸ˜†

  6. I would love to understand the conversations going on between the doctors & nurses. Other thought I had was could you imagine taking a shit after having your asshole widen by a liquor bottle, especially if there are stitches involved? Yikes

  7. Back in my day we’d just try and shove a pint of Jack Daniels,or Yukon Jack DOWN are pants for a rock concert. If ticket taker/security frisked and found any they threw it a a huge can that was filled with bottles. There was prolly $500 worth of liquor by start of show.This Gook was too scared to get frisked and busted.

  8. Ok, all jokes aside. No matter how you look at it, this guy’s an IDIOT! His asshole was doomed from the start! He stuck the bottle in backwards??? Just by thinking of the physics, he may have struggled getting the wide part in, but his shit hole would’ve closed up immediately once it got to the neck of the bottle! And anyone who’s ever had to cut one short knows that once you pinch it, the half still in your ass gets sucked back in. Essentially, i think that’s what happened here. Seriously, sometimes I think these freaky people do this just so they can get a bunch of strangers to play around with their ass.
    @littlefoot care to chime in? ???

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