Autopsy of Burnt Pregnant Woman Including Graphic Images of Unborn Baby

Autopsy of Burnt Pregnant Woman Including Graphic Images of Unborn Baby

Do you hear that, boys and gores? The witching season is upon us. You can feel the magick in the air as Samhain arrives and Obli has a bag of treats and a few tricks just for you…

No info on this but fuck it, the pictures are worth a thousand words. I told you I’d be back with the gore shit and I have come through as always. Pregnant African woman and another were burnt to death most likely in a road accident and while burnt bodies always make for interesting art, this one came with a surprise. The charred black chick was just about to give birth. The child fared better than it’s mother in that we can see it pretty much in a natural state and looking suspiciously pale.

On a side note, that is one of the nastiest fucking pussies I have ever seen, can’t imagine it looked much better when she was alive. Mad props to @mrspink And Happy Birthday to RGM member, @harumph! Here you go, old boy.

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68 thoughts on “Autopsy of Burnt Pregnant Woman Including Graphic Images of Unborn Baby

    • Thank you kindly, Gnat! It is indeed like that, even more than you know. Everyone celebrates my birthday! The annual spectacles I’ve seen over these many years have not failed me yet. I hope you have fun today, too. Give your giant critters that block out the sun a big Halloween Hug from me! 🙂

    • Thank you @littlefoot, sweetheart! And thank you for all your efforts here at RGM! I’m going to scare the shit out of them this year dressed as a fist-shaking old man who shouts “Get off of my lawn!” repeatedly. They will feel the wind from my mighty scythe! Oh wait, my wife just informed me it’s gas from my supper last night. Pardon me. 😛

  1. Obli, what can I say? You are the bringer of death, destruction, and chaos! You are the bastion of the baked, the foreman of the fried, the keeper of the culled, the favored among the frightened, the deliverer of the dead in all its forms, and the master of mayhem from all over the world. You are our Obliterator! Keep up the great and stellar work, as I know it’s not easy bringing the fine line between life and death to us. Oh, and do take some time to enjoy today, as it’s not just special for me. It’s great for us all! Did I mention you are a diva of the damned? Well you’re that, too! Thank you my friend for remembering me! Happy Halloween! 😈

  2. I am especially appalled seeing that vagina ……I think after the Birthday bash we’ll have a dekko and if seeing is believing then the charred up COW was a MATRIARCH who had about 50+ calves she gladly gave birth to and there still was one to roam the jungle .

    I am left to scratching my head wondering how the bull felt so glowered on the slab as if in a gesture to exhibit it wasn’t him who did it .

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