Chinese Woman On the Slab with Stab Wound

Chinese Woman On the Slab with Stab Wound

No info here save for the fact that it happened in China. A young woman is presented on the slab in some nice attire and shown to have been killed with a single puncture wound to the heart. Maybe killed on a date by a boyfriend, ex boyfriend or jealous girl? Anyone’s guess. Before images show that she was likely obsessed with Kuwaii culture of Japan (big eyes, doll outfit, etc) and after images show that she didn’t believe trimming her bush but no surprise there.

Anyway, I have my tech shit taken care of and there will be many more posts spewing from of the rolling gore machine. Hail RGM!

Thanks, to @mrspink.

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54 thoughts on “Chinese Woman On the Slab with Stab Wound

    • @re-pete
      WELL, call me “Mad” Max Belfort, but i dont mind the bush.

      Sure, you’ve got to surface now and again to “twang” the odd stray hair from between your teeth – but it gives you the chance to grab yourself a good long breath.

      In fact, id go as far as saying im suspicious of a totally bald coot. I mean…why? what was your motivation for shaving it all off girl? maybe you’re gettin a bit of an unsavoury odour wafting up when you pull up ya jeans, is that it? just sayin. just speculating actually….

      Those neat little “runway” bushes are real cute – even a well kept triangle, im not that fussy, as long as t…….

      Yeah,…Ive…erm..I think Ive realized that ive talked about this for a bit too long now ,eh?

      Great post @obli , props to @@mrspink

          • @thedudeabides I’m sure you already knew that it would encourage cunnilingus though.
            It probably is hard wok to maintain it, that’s why you have to really reward her for it, after all, hair just gets in the way of those sensitive nerve endings down here.

            Btw, if she has that little shadow going, just trim it for her with one of those Remington style head trimmers, they don’t cause razor burns.

      • @karmen40
        Those neat little “runway” bushes are real cute – even a well kept triangle, im not that fussy, as long as t…….

        I liked the way ya have put in those words in place bro ; as if these women shave them that way to either have their men pilot around their manhood on those neat little “runways ” feeling like ,”James H. Doolittle” or the well kept “triangles ” for those who may think the Pythagoras way ………….lol

  1. Yep… just think, when you see an adorable asian girl rockin that adorable kawaii look, underneath all that cuteness is a big nasty bush… personally I really like that look (the style, not the bush), it’s gotta be my second favourite style right after gothic… but I’m just not attracted to asian women. I swear they look sooo much different in anime lol

  2. Remember this is how the Hearts bleed when on a date in China …………
    Amongst her other preferences beside keeping the pubes was to annoy Mr. cupid which she unfailingly did and got an arrow through and through her heart .
    I wonder if she would comb her bush as her crotch looks well kempt

    In Minter’s words
    “Long hair, don’t care”. , “Bush is beautiful. Bring it back!”

  3. Is it only me or does anyone else think she was a satanist cult sacrifice? Black dress, red velvet frilly silk shirt, no bra and one symbolic thrust to the heart leaving a circular hole? Icepick or stake?

    Did she get involved in Hellfire Club for kicks and some real dark types took it to the next level?

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