Four Month Old Baby Tortured By Parents

Four Month Old Baby Tortured By Parents

Okay.. I actually didn’t even want to post this set of pictures, but this is reality and you can’t hide from that no matter how fucked up it may be. These pictures are of a four month old little girl named Maria that was abused physically and sexually by her two sickfuck parents, 20 year old Ygor do Amaral Dias and 18 year old Barbara Santos Oliveira in Santo Andre, Brazil.

Last weekend the parents brought the baby into a local ER and told the medical staff the baby had fallen out of the bathtub as they were bathing her. Luckily the doctors and nurses at the hospital weren’t total idiots and they suspected abuse and called the police. The baby girl had cigarette burns all over her body, a broken nose, broken arms and legs, multiple bruises and welts everywhere. She also had broken bones that were calcified, which means she was probably abused since birth. The baby had also been raped and her privates were severely burned. I’m going to be honest.. I couldn’t post all of the pictures, mainly of the baby’s privates, but I can tell you they were some of the worst photos I’ve seen in a long time. I’m pretty much desensitized to everything by now, most of us are, but some things you just can’t unsee and those will probably stay with me for awhile. Hopefully the parents will get a taste of what a Brazilian prison is all about.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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91 thoughts on “Four Month Old Baby Tortured By Parents

  1. I can’t even expresss all the pain and suffering I hope these two pieces of shit experience. Absolutely disgusting creatures that can’t even be called humans. This poor baby will always have the physical reminders of what her sick parents did to her. I hope she finds a very loving family to take care of her now.

  2. Not much brothers me here anymore but ffs how twisted must you be to physically abuse and repeatedly rape your 4 month old baby evil bastards ! The woman looks either very cold and twisted or totally dominated by that scrawny little bitch of a father ! Hope to see him on here again tortured ass raped beheaded and dismembered I’ll do the fukin job for free !! Well after the ass raping I’ll take over lol eughhhhhhh

  3. Luckily she’s young enough that she won’t have any real memories of the torture, but the scars will always be there. Hopefully she can heal quickly and the scars will fade and just maybe she can still have a normal life. Well, as normal as Brazil can offer. I would not wanna be either of these two psychos when their fellow inmates find out what they’re in for. What goes around, comes around motherfuckers! ???

  4. Oh ! Dear Lord !! when the Angels are done harm to ………. what are the worst ways available against those who stoop to that sinister level of inhumanity………..
    It’s terribly painful to even see the two them still being alive .
    I would much apprecaite the two of them have their heads decapitated not a day longer than their stay in the prison .
    and ofcourse before that happens I would want every prisoner taking turns in fucking their sorry lives out .
    Oh Jesus I cried ………..this is our world and its not getting any better than the worst hell it already has turned out to be .

  5. Oh my… poor little girl. Hopefully we’ll be seeing these two pieces of shit starring in one of the torture & kill videos real soon. A stick rammed up the ass and a slow decapitation with a dull knife would be good.

  6. Mind my French……… Motherfuckin parents I want to torture those two cunts so badly, and bite the fuck out of them and rip there throats out I’m so fuckin angry ?… Sorry for my rant. Apologies to the crew of this site and also to members.

  7. Now these two pieces of shit brings the Brazil and Mexico out of me. I will torture them for weeks. I will burn, cut, slice, stone, scalp and dismember them with the dullest knife in my house. Then, I’ll throw their limb-less bodies into a nasty ass river and see what they do without any arms or legs. I’ll take them out right when they’re about to drown so I can hang them. Then, I’ll throw their bodies back into the river again to bloat and then feed it to alligators so they can turn into alligator shit. The entire time, I will keep them alive as long as possible and make them endure the most pain, and I want them to watch each other suffer.

    Ugh, they piss me off.

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