DIY Execution.. Russian Style

DIY Execution.. Russian Style

On October 23rd in Nizhnekamsk, Russia, some drunk dude decided he wanted to play judge, jury, executioner and criminal. Ever just need a drink so bad? Well this guy sure did. He tried stealing 2 bottles of vodka from a shopping center and when security caught him he showed us just what you can do with a razor and a dream. The man tells security that he is going to commit suicide and slit his throat if they come any closer. Security tries to talk him out of it but clearly they are not getting through to him and the man attempts to slit his own throat but doesn’t do much good, so security forces tackle him. While they are trying to get the razor away from him, the man manages to cut deep enough this time and starts bleeding profusely. The officials then shut the door on his drunk thievin’ ass to try to look for help. The man died from his injuries soon after.

Thankssssss @MrsPink.

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41 thoughts on “DIY Execution.. Russian Style

  1. “Let me go or I’ll slit my throat!”
    Yeah, that never works.They should’ve “helped” him by applying a tourniquet AROUND HIS NECK! It might have finished the job faster…???
    Sorry, I’m feeling grumpy this morning!
    Happy Friday everyone!

  2. Hic Hic
    That was a brave ruskie afterall atleast he stole didn’t drink though but died thereafter cuz Vodka drives ruskies mad
    VODKA is what ruskies wanna give their lives for …so no remorse no regrets …….but it was comical seeing the security staff without their usual gear to scare the shit outta him and failing to normalize the situation which was easier than a cakewalk .

    Fucking here is something to laugh about

    A Russian guy comes across a bottle of vodka on the street. He picks it up and a genie comes out, “You are my master. You now have one wish.”
    The Russian man says,
    “I would like to piss vodka.”
    When the he gets home, he tells his wife to get two glasses. She asks what they’ll be drinking. He tells her he can piss vodka and demonstrates for her. It was the best vodka they’d ever had.
    The next night the Russian guy comes home tired and tells his wife to get one glass. She asks,
    “Why only one glass?”
    “Because tonight,” he says,
    “you should drink from the bottle.”

  3. Reminds me of the movie Blazing Saddles when the towns people were gonna lynch the new sheriff because he was black so the sheriff put a gun to his own head and said “back away or I’ll kill the nigger.” After he holds the gun to his head all the towns people were worried for that “poor black man”???…… For those that have never seen it I recommend watching it’s a really good movie

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