Thai Man Commits Suicide on Facebook Live

Facebook Live is becoming a handy little app lately. Especially if you want to be a drama queen and live stream your own suicide. This happened earlier today, October 26th in Thailand. A 22 year old man that apparently owed a lot of money from gambling decided he was going to shoot himself in the head and wanted to broadcast it to everyone. He pawned all his jewelry for money but it wasn’t quite enough to cover his debts, so he decided this was the next best thing. What the hell with the theme music though? If I was going to broadcast my suicide live I’d probably play ABBA’s Dancing Queen or the Macarena or something like that, just to fuck with people. Before he went live and carried out his suicide he wrote on his Facebook:

“Went back home to ask for money but saw mom’s face and tears run down my face I could not ask and be a burden to my family. Mom worked very hard selling (as a merchant) but I gamble away 10,000 baht, 20,000 baht at a time”


“One day we will meet again after death”

Thanks to @MrsPink for the vid!!


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89 thoughts on “Thai Man Commits Suicide on Facebook Live

  1. Wow! Guess if you’re gonna do it, just do it. Looked sort of like he flinched right after the shot. Must have cracked his skull from the pressure injected into his cranium with all the blood spurting out the back side. And fuck those debt collectors too. Good thing he didn’t pawn off his pistol.

    • The blood appearing rapidly from under the left side (right as we look) chest area of his t-shirt at first intrigued me.
      Also, do you think there may have been a table fan switched on (and set to oscillate) somewhere in the room? as i couldnt help but notice the ripped “flap” of wallpaper behind his head, that kept reacting to some kind of air movement.

  2. Hopefully they don’t go after his family for the rest of what he owed.
    He didn’t want to be a burden to his family, he pretty much destroyed his family now, well his mother anyway.

  3. I make it a point to forego judgment upon anyone who chooses to check out, for we know not the darkness of another’s circumstances. It’s just such a private and personal decision–why anyone would choose to share this with the judgmental eyes of humanity baffles me. I hope the dude found the peace he so clearly sought out unsuccessfully in this space and this time.

  4. Come on and get over with picking up your nose and dirt from those scrooney eyes ………man I thought you’d that in a jiffy .

    I thought staging that sorta drama was for a reason becasue he went eating too much of rice and decided its time he called it quits and reached another abode .
    He was a man of tattoos though and those faggotishly painted flowers on the wall will save his family running in to another debt in to buying flowers ..they can think of plucking all those flowers from the wall and try making a decent floral wreath though.

    So this chicken snipped his wings for a mere $570 …….
    well bye bye I’m off the stream now .

    • Actually tbVFH with you ALL, I thought guy was going to eat booger,or some weird shit! I’m also a Lil fucked off, so I could be wrong, maybe he was cracked out hE seemehim off, but then again, who tf am I?. Sigh, I need sleep, couple more shots of fireball first…Good night fellow feathers..

      • I swear you guys, im just a big chicken cause i dont have the balls nor desire to kill myself! I’m scared to death to die and i do not want to, in any way, shape or form! Fuck that! And the way his hands clench up like that is a sure sign of a massive brain injury. Its just so final. Nope. Couldnt do it….dont want to either…

          • @ladywicked666 hi. Been awhile since said hello to each other. I do hope you never reach that point where you do decide to end it. I can’t pretend to know how bad you’re feeling nor could I ever minimize your pain. Just try and believe as long as you’re breathing you can make progress somehow. You do have value.

          • Many hellos my dear friend @blason Have no fears, you all have a guaranteed 6yrswith good old Ajay! I just will not tolerate possible insults from ignorant tongues,ESPECIALLY on MY comments!
            I am VERY PRO CHOICE when it comes to suicide\self euthanasia!
            Do I condone THIS KIND? yes AND no! I’d personally would NEVER make a display of MY self termination, but that’s because of what I WENT/GO through daily, kuz of watching my dad eat one…and I’m a big believer of the Golden rule! But I’m glad this bugger picking chinaman did this, because I LIKE SPLATTER!

          • Btw @blason I hope you are well my friend! I’m drunk still, forcing myself to function after passing out after 0400sometime this morning.and getting up at 0730..smh I’m SUPERFUCKING WOMAN, NO? XOXO

  5. I dont know what usually runs through someones mind when they are ready to take themselves out, but this guy really looked scared. Most people seem pretty calm that I have seen on these sites. I dont think he wanted to do it, yet couldnt figure a way out either.

  6. I hate it when people live stream their own suicides too. It sure seems like attention seeking, drama queen bullshit. Why record it? He was worried about being a burden to his mother, yet he does this. He just ripped his mother’s heart out by doing this.

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