Motorcyclist Gets Head Smashed in Accident with Truck

Motorcyclist Gets Head Smashed in Accident with Truck

This bit of gore is brought to you by Brazil. Incident occurred on the MG-262 in Mariana, central part of the state of Minas Gerais on Saturday, October 15th. A motorcyclist was killed after he lost control of his bike, causing him to swerve into on coming traffic. The unidentified man collided with a truck and he promptly had his face and head split open, brains leaking onto the road. He also landed in a way which shredded his arm, giving us a nice look at the inner workings therein.

Many thanks to @mrspink.

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26 thoughts on “Motorcyclist Gets Head Smashed in Accident with Truck

  1. Losing control comes easy if someone is a newbie on the bike But for someone like him who seemed like a well grown up adult its hardly palpable how he might have had swerved and lost control . Either he was dead drunk or for a moment his vision got blacked out .
    That bike is in a zulu state and enough at hinting how badly he got knocked down I guess that truck partly succeeded in doing a little of his post mortem thus leaving the morticians to deal with a lesser headache .
    Poor fella

    • Well I’m no expert, but I know there’s a lot less blood involved once the heart stops beating. Maybe he had a heart attack thus stopping his heart and that’s also why he wrecked? But I would think a crushed skull and smeared brain would still leave more blood. @queeg0909

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