Mass Prison Break in São Paulo, Brazil Leaves Many Dead

Mass Prison Break in Saõ Paulo, Brazil Leaves Many Dead

Alright Gorriors, I’ve had this set for like a month now and just haven’t been able to get to it until now. Also experiencing a little technical difficulties on my end so posts from me will be a little lacking over the next week or so but I promise I will make it up to you. Now, on with the gore!

Approximately 200 inmates escaped from the Jardinópolis Penitentiary, about 16km from Ribeirao Preto, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The mass escape occurred after a riot in one of the units. Fires were set and inmates were beaten to death, stabbed and even decapitated (hey, some like it rough ?).

During the rebellion, the inmates set fire to mattresses and other objects as well as toppling a four meter high grid allowing them to escape. The Penitentiary Jardinópolis is surrounded with many sugarcane plantations, and the escapees have spread throughout the farmlands and despite many having been recaptured, many more remain on the lamb.

Many thanks to @mrspink.

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48 thoughts on “Mass Prison Break in São Paulo, Brazil Leaves Many Dead

    • ♫ “Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak
      Somewhere in this town
      See me and the boys we don’t like it
      So were getting up and going down . . . ” ♪

      Jeez, you can’t swing a dead prisoner without striking another prisoner. Luckily the brooms must have been locked up. Just fence off the whole damn country as one giant prison movie fashion, Escape From Rio.

      • @BornToRun
        That’s some Prison mayhem there to look out for and I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea bro if they decide to fence off the whole of Brazil . imagine everything locked right in and the key to the gateway thrown out in the middle of pacific ocean with noone knowing about it .

  1. Herein these 21 snapshots have made for a great gore album

    They were partying first alright but then someone wearing those yellow shorts in the middle just thought of chewing on some strewn around condoms that’s when everyone went berserk and the riot broke out .
    The decapitated guy still can be seen chewing in on ’em . seems like he enjoyed licking everyone’s cum . and
    the one caught jerking with his upper torso gone was unkempt and wouldn’t shave his pubes and that’s what the authorities have been puzzled over .

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