Thai Mother Grieves Over Dead Baby In Jar

Since I’m in a crying mood after watching The Walking Dead premiere tonight, here is something almost as sad as you know who dying. I’m not sure exactly how but a young Thai mother lost her baby and as crazy as it is, she didn’t throw it in the trash like usual. The video shows the mother grieving over the dead baby that is… in a jar. Yeah, a jar. I recently read about a woman who kept her aborted fetus in a jar for 25 years, so maybe this ain’t so strange. I have no idea why she chose to pickle the baby, but we’ve seen weirder shit than this, so who knows.

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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57 thoughts on “Thai Mother Grieves Over Dead Baby In Jar

  1. Poor mama. I don’t think I could have done this with the last little one I lost. She had the tiniest casket I’ve ever seen. The hospital I used was very good in getting me through everything. I was finally blessed with my little mini me and I always think the 3 I lost before her were mean to not be here so she could…? . Maybe in some fucked up way it was a sacrifice that we had to go through so Dev could be here..? I don’t know.
    But I do know is I could have never put them in a jar with electrical tape on top to keep the “juice” from leaking.

  2. Remind Mr Wong of time when he just little Wong and goldfish die. Very sad times but probably much easier for flush goldfish down toilet than baby. Congratulations Mrs Girl for make post Thai remake of Madonna ‘I’m keeping my baby’ famous music song video.

  3. Bizarre and weird are the two words to describe hereon
    Now what’s the funk having the dead baby in a jar and greiving over it . alright from a Mother’s perspective it does make a little of sense to be shedding tears to have lost her near one but I wonder if its legitimate to have the dead soaked up in some embalming fluids right next to the living beings .

    At one point towards the end her casual tapping to the jar made the little one lean forward as if it was about to gain precious life again .

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