Killers Film Themselves Shooting Two Guys in Bed

This happened sometime in April of 2016. I don’t have any info on the video other than several men broke into a house in Brazil and filmed themselves shooting two men that were in bed asleep. Apparently the two men died from being shot multiple times. I couldn’t find any other info, but I’m 99.5% sure it had something to do with drugs. Or maybe the victims were boyfriend and boyfriend and one of the boyfriends had another boyfriend that was jealous. It’s Brazil, anything is possible.

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37 thoughts on “Killers Film Themselves Shooting Two Guys in Bed

  1. It is now legal in the Philippines to murder drug dealers without a trial and nothing will happen to you… So apparently we’re going to see a lot more videos like this…. when President Obama complained of this to the president of the Philippines …the president of the Philippines basically told President Obama to “go to hell …and mind his own business ” quote end quote

  2. And ya know what ? ……. even Bed times are Bad times so where does one go ………..straight to hell
    Comeon Brazil use some head and have the dummies sleep over and the have the guys sleep underneath the next time over .
    The craziest part was the the guy to the left who thought he can duck bullets by simply covering his face with the Bed sheet .
    In Brazil one gets arms and pistols coming in as cheap as spuds.

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