Autopsy Performed on Woman Who Died Getting Breast Implants

Autopsy Performed on Woman Who Died Getting Breast Implants

Hello my little Gorriors. Tonight I have some very good images of an autopsy being performed on a woman in China. The story goes that the woman died after getting breast implants. Yeah, China wouldn’t be the first place on my list to get any kind of surgery done. It is unknown if she died during the operation or due to some infection or other kind of complications after the fact. But boys and gores, just look at that big, juicy… BRAIN!!!

props to @mrspink for the hookup.

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66 thoughts on “Autopsy Performed on Woman Who Died Getting Breast Implants

  1. They’ll probably just wipe them off and put them inside some other woman’s chest. Maybe offer a special deal on the “slightly used” boobies. And why is it that women can go in and see a Dr and get bigger boobs and a bigger butt, but guys can’t get a bigger dick yet? ?

    • One day a witch went to see a renown Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. As she was sitting on the edge of the examining table, she browsed through the before and after picture catalog for breast augmentation. The Doctor came in and started examining her breasts. He asker her, “So what can I do for you?” The witch replied, “I want them colder!”.

  2. From tip to toe that appears more like a fake chinese doll .
    No wonder she died because those implants proved to be too weighty for her own size.
    And I thought those pair of tits were perky enough and a good handful to give a good hardon until she was shown ripped open to reveal what really lay there underneath.
    Fake was all she’d got .

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