Crazy Guy Tries to Catch a Free Ride

Crazy Guy Tries to Catch a Free Ride

You’re on and today we present, Extreme Hitchhiking! Shirtless man is crazy, drunk, high oe maybe a combination of all three. He is shown walking down a highway crossing multiple lanes of traffic before trying to hitch a ride on the side of a passing car. He is drug a little ways down the road much to the chagrin of onlookers before he either looses his grip. He gets back up, retreats back the way he had come and collapses, just narrowly avoiding having his head crushed by a passing truck. He is then inspected by those who had witnessed his little stunt.

Oh what could have been…

Props to @mrspink.

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58 thoughts on “Crazy Guy Tries to Catch a Free Ride

  1. ? a thumb goes up,a car goes by
    It’s nearly 1am,and here I am
    Hitchin’ a ride, hitchin a ride
    Gotta get me home before the morning light.

    Iv got no fare to ride the train
    I’m nearly drowning in the pouring rain
    Hitchin a ride,hitchin a ride
    Gotta get me home to my baby’s side

    Ride,ride,ride,hitchin a ride
    Ride, ride,ride,hitchin a ride.?

  2. We have plenty of those type of guys in here… 😀 and theres a shortage of pills arround… 😆

    Speaking of odd things, on the night of wednsday in my local cemitery, a group of niggers attempted to jump the cemitery (the cemitery is closed to the public at night btw, theres too many people willing to do “wierd” stuff in there, and the dead need to sleep too… 😆 ) to steal (my) skulls to make Voodoo. Apparently they got nude and climbed the wall. “Something” scared them off and they ran, but one of them ended up impaled in the fence when trying to exape and died… 😆 serves them well for trying to steal my collection! Too bad i dont have pictures or video of the stuff… it would make a nice post here… 😀

  3. Initially the dude seemed pretty selective as far as choice of a car was concerned . No Bucks , No car , No worries that’s the way to hitch hike in kingston town
    I am sure he was knocked out cold when he tried kissing the big Lorry . Had he done that a second earlier he would be seen morphing in to a big gob and a life size splatter .

    It wasn’t him ….. it was the bloody dope that had set him so wild and so footloose.

    • @blucon You sound a little different, but anyway, I’ve always wondered what happens when someone gets their head get popped like that, and only their head. Do they start flipping around for a minute, do they just lay their dead and still, or do they get up and start running around?, I’d really like to know.

      • He did understand whoever the guy was and what he meant but the crux of the whole problem was that……….; that he wanted a free ride from only the white cars and then he’d this weird deathwish to smell the tyres and die
        .It was an eye candy moment watching him run back and forth thinking those traffic lanes were his favourite play grounds …………but he got bumped anyway he got another mighty kick a notch above the dope he’d had . ……….

          • @re-pete
            What ya hoped for may come true as this guy is not finished as yet and he won’t trouble noone to have him tossed over in front a car or a truck .He likes doing things on his own . His next video will have him get run over right before our very own eyes .
            Until such time just bide your time having some beverages …

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