Accident Results in Two Unnecessary Deaths

Accident Results in Two Unnecessary Deaths

Well, here’s the perfect example of shit escalating into extreme violence over very little provocation. Like Black Friday shoppers in Wal-Mart, these Brazilians chimp out on some dumb shit. The incident occurred in Barreiros, state of Pernambuco, Brazil on October 11th, 2016. The story is that a man accidentally hit someone riding a bike and he decided to do the right thing and take the man to the hospital. Okay, admirable, so what’s the problem? Well, the mob in the street decided with their collective mind that the man was still in the wrong and needed a beat down regardless of being the good Samaritan. They swarm and attack his car, and the man, originally doing the right thing, panics and grabs a knife. He exited the car and attacked someone in the mob, killing him in the process. The mob then proceeds to beat the stabber to death. Get all that?

Authorities still putting it together. No arrests as of yet and no word on the condition of the bike rider at the heart of the mess. Needless deaths over nothing if you ask me… but hey, that’s entertainment. Props to the Pink!

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44 thoughts on “Accident Results in Two Unnecessary Deaths

  1. More than the samaritan he looked to be someone totally possessed ……..add to that he was a foolhardy who thought he will take on the entire crowd by simply wielding around that knife . And then he’d the balls to stab somone thinking that kill might scare the shit outta that crowd and it will have everyone running helter skelter thus leaving the two of them for a wild escapade.

    The other fucker who was to get thrashed was a smart head as he made no mistake by being over excited .
    He enjoyed the live kill and the car was not only his saviour but more like a theatre where he thought he took the front row for a biggest blockbuster .

    • ♫ “Everybody’s out on the run tonight but there’s no place left to hide . . .” ♪ @blucon Bro, that definitely was a chaotic scene in the video. I always wonder how I’d react in a similar situation like when we had the riots here in L.A.. Stuck in traffic, surrounded by pavement apes jumping on your car, wanting to flip it over, then drag my ass out and drop a concrete block on my head. This kind of shit happened at the Laker riots too, white people attacked having seen a game played by mostly blacks that despise the very people that pay their high priced salaries, the players too stupid to see the connection. Well anyway, the urge is to plow through the no good attackers but I would be the bad guy cause they’re so disadvantaged even if they have a better phone than I have courtesy of gubmint.

      • @BornToRun Hey Bro
        All hell broke lose because the guy never knew he was to die .He was way over confident thinking that knife he pocketed wielded would help and then he earned their ire because he went killing someone .
        Yup chaotic is the word here and the scene wouldn’t have unfolded with this much of a furore if he had to calmly give a listen to what that restless crowd had to say .
        And ofcourse Bro you wouldn’t be the one involving yourself if this kinda mayhem erupts and I know you will keep your composure and have your arse out from the messed up scene asap . Especially for us guys who visit the site we do know how to go about our daily buisness and talking of pavement apes its best if they are left to deal with their own devices or better still have the cops called and get them caged as zoo is the place where they rightly belong. I’d say Never ever linger around Bro when there’s too much of hum drum .

  2. Ugh, I fuckin hate it when cyclists ride on the road. Get the fuck off the godamn road and you won’t get hit, stupid fuck. It’s a road… for fuckin driving on. Not for you to be fucking around on your damn bicycle.

    I sometimes see cyclists riding RIGHT on the middle of a road instead of on the side next to the curb… I swear these fuckers are enough to drive you insane. I’m half tempted to run one over myself every time I see one.

    • @jack
      MUAHAHAHAAA! I roll my window down and yell to them,that SAME shit! Gtfo my way asshole! Get on the fucking sidewalk, or on the side of the road! You’re NOT A FUCKING CAAAR ANDYOU’RE GOING TO GET HITABS DIE!!!.. I too often think of running them the fuck over! Then I think of what I’ll have to do next, and just tiznt worth all the extra time,money, and effort, to hide a ranover bicyclists,nor to go on the lamb…So your wicked lady here will either flip em off,or push them off their bikes! WHAT?!?!?… Imma headcuntress baby! Tiz just WHAT THE FUCK I DOOOO!! ❤

  3. The guy apparently got angry because the mob was hitting his car… he went “super-saiyan” and pulled a knife going berserk. Some in the mob even told before him to just get the car and get the fuck out of there, but he ignored them and carried on acting like an ape with rabies, so the “beast” had to be put down… that log beating though… how did he failed to dodge that… TWICE!? 😆

  4. I liked how the guy got out of the car and proceeds to fight the whole crowd with a knife…

    I would of been like… “Ummm…why don’t you put the knife and yourself back in the car and try to run them all over instead?!…”

    That would’ve been awesome!…

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