Woman Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Leg Bent and Guts Out

Woman Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Leg Bent and Guts Out

Amateur video shows a woman dead in the middle of the road after a motorcycle accident. The lady landed in such a way that her leg was pulled out so far that she was opened up at the crotch and her guts came spilling out. Looks like a giant brain the way it is sitting. Don’t know if the woman died right away and no word on word on whether or not another vehicle was involved in the accident. Thank god she was wearing a helmet.

Props to @mrspink for the morning gory!

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44 thoughts on “Woman Killed in Motorcycle Accident, Leg Bent and Guts Out

  1. The way the one person points to the large truck a couple of times, I’m thinking she might have laid the bike down into a skid if the truck made a sudden stop and she was actually NOT completely on the trucks ass but to close for a complete normal stop..

  2. If Mr Wong bet money he bet whole Wong fortune lady travel north/south where have stop sign and truck travel west/east where no have stop sign. Lady must be distraction thinking about how hair look from come out helmet or how she need to rush home so wax her lady parts.

  3. What I find scary is the small amount of force it takes to do this to a human body. In some ways our bodies are so resilient but in others we are so fragile.
    Poor young girl. It looks like it was pretty quick though. Lights out within a few seconds, I hope.
    Thanks for the post @obli and @mrspink. I know from watching and seeing these motorcycle accidents and injuries, I’m smarter and careful with who I agree to ride with now. As of before I’d have no problem cruising down the FDR going 100 hanging on he back. Now it’s a completely different story! Not worth it and it’s not a pretty death when/if it happens.

    • Wow, she stayed with the bike, but not enough in this situation, too bad for her. @hunter1031 Yeah, the youngsters whizzing by on the freeway standing on the seat doing a wheelie is the epitome of what carefree youth is all about.

  4. Translation:
    “The death was instant. We are now waiting for the rescue corps (dunno what you call it in english). Im not even gonna explain the “sign of the head” (??? dunno what she means with that…) because this girl was completelly wrong. We are now here, at this very moment… witnessing this severe accident that i dont even have words to continue talking to make this report. (apparently shes a freelance journalist) People are just staring… in this environment… where this accident happened… (people talking in the background) Everybody is worried, because in the moment that… (people talking in the background) …the victim appears to be 35 years old. (people in the background sounds to be analysing her documents) …we just got word that the victim was from Monumento, from Manuel Garcia de Sousa street. We are reporting from BungeeNews… (she tries so hard… 😆 meanwhile, the woman in the background is asking for people to not bring the children in because the scenery is “too strong” for their minds, good parenting there. The woman filming closes in on the body) Its completelly destroyed (dunno if shes talking about the victim or the bike), the victim that ended up dying…

  5. Lol, everybody was dying to see what her wrecked vagina looked like. The first couple of perverts were like “let’s go together so we don’t look like pervs”, then the chick in blue pants tries to play it off by walking WAY out there with her back to the victim, but then does the “I’m just walking in random circles cuz I’m talking on the phone, I’m not really staring at her bloody crotch” bullshit. The third guy was just like “fuck it, everyone else is doing it” and does a casual stroll with a quick glance ???

  6. There is a truck in the foreground ……..and in all probability its the lady who might have caused a self accident involving the truck . The severity of the impact can be gauged in the way it has ripped open her guts out .Her death must have been instantaneous .

    Here is another reason to be driving safe and remembering to return home in one piece .

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