Indian Man Gets Leg Ripped Open in Accident

Indian Man Gets Leg Ripped Open in Accident

Man was involved in an accident in Indian which shredded his knee open, practically severing it. Don’t know exactly what caused the injury but I’m willing to bet in involved a two-wheeled mode of transportation. Don’t know if they can really fix something like that, might need to be amputated any way. Suffered some wounds to his face, too. Dude is clearly in shock and can’t even answer the questions posed to him by the people around him.

Other than that, I have no info on it but what I do see is some new faces in the crowd. Good to see the word is still spreading. Welcome to riGOREmortis.

Props to @mrspink.

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17 thoughts on “Indian Man Gets Leg Ripped Open in Accident

  1. He seems outta shock already but not ready as yet in to believing that a part of his body would no longer be his . Its pathetic that while he lays there there is not a medic on the scene .All I kept seeing was two guys trying to forcibly let him not leave and as if the guy could walk and the others simply were an unwanted crowd to add to his woes
    Everyone is trying their best shot to get the best footage while the victim is in terrible pain . Lucky for him not to have his face gotten shredded or disfigured .
    For him its gotta be be him and his crutches form here on

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