Two Men Run Over and Mangled by Truck

Two Men Run Over and Mangled by Truck

Good morning my little Gorriors! It’s not even dawn here but I’m up and ready for action, so why don’t you join me and indulge in some morning gory?

Two men on a motorcycle had the misfortune of being hit and run over by a truck. Was this the dynamic duo we know so well? One man, despite having his hand mangled to shreds, still manages to do his best “Hey Gurl!” wave before collapsing in euphoric shock and getting his shredded appendage wrapped in a shirt. His partner doesn’t seem to have faired so well, having suffered some heavy damage to his torso, skinned in some places… Yeah, can’t really hold out too much hope for this guy but his boyfriend should survive despite getting a kind of hand job he isn’t used to.

Thanks @mrspink!

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38 thoughts on “Two Men Run Over and Mangled by Truck

  1. Bloody Fairies! I couldn’t help but laugh! Since these dumb fucktards just walked out in front of traffic, they deserved to become human speed bumps. It’s not like that big fucking truck just came out of nowhere. I wouldn’t have lifted a hand to help them. I hope they both died for being so ignorant. It’s survival of the fittest on this planet of death. The stupid dies first.

  2. Good heavens the guy with one of his hands gone still manages to wave out with all the shredded muscle fibres wanting to yell out like ,Hey get over here ,I need ya to give me a blow job ‘ C’mon over if ya may please! Hey Hey Hey its me who’s talking to ya .

    The damage is for real with one of the guy showing what he ate and how the truck got him to splat his innards out ……
    not quite at confort is the other guy who has his arse shifted the other way round with dick at the back and his arse at the front .
    Trucks simply don’t run ya over unless ya can’t resist getting laid over by ’em and this isn’t about bad luck either . They were there alright but much too close for their own damn comfort

    Yawn!! both me and that truck are gonna catch some 40 winks for now .

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