Skank v Ho

Skank v Ho

Earlier this month.. some skank ran up on some ho somewhere in Florida. Clearly the element of surprise didn’t help Skank any. Skank said “Let go of my hair!” just as often as Ho said “Whip my ass, bitch!”. We don’t get much insight about what this whole cat fight was about but if I had to bet money on it.. Ho fucked somebody without Skank’s approval. Or vice versa. Or both even.

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56 thoughts on “Skank v Ho

    • @havohej your absolutely right you never turn your back. Just cuz you got your ass whipped and tried to walk away doesn’t mean the other person is gonna stop. She should have dragged her back into the street instead of letting her go. She needed to be taught a harder lesson on running up on people.

      • @eyez2die4, That’s true, you never know what the other person is going to do once your back is turned. Babe Ruth could have picked up something and beat Scrappy Doo down with it. Yes, she need more of a beat down for swinging on the wrong person.
        It looked like in the last frame of the video, Scrappy turned around and came back for more, but the video ended. I wonder if there was more fighting going on afterward.

    • Oh I know! You going to run up on me and then let me grab you by the hair and dragged you all around the parking lot ….? you keep Saying you going to whoop my ass….. well God damn it stand up and whoop my fuckin Ass then!!! All the shit I just now done to you !!!? Or don’t you Ever think to try and swing on me Ever again in your mother fucking life

  1. The slut wearing black didn’t meet her perfect match I wish she’d met twice someone her own size and the bimbo wearing maroon was another weakling whose slit the former found out to be slightly more tighter, bigger and more juicier hence the scene unfolds with total outrage .
    They will have a threesome with that guy who walked in on the scene just a little too late but either way he wasn’t any help in telling the babes to call truce let alone squeeze racks of one of the babe to have ’em go their separate ways and sit aside to masterbate in two corners one by the front of the parked car and one at the rear .

  2. She went up there like banty rooster and humiliated herself… She wasn’t even allowed to walk away from the asswhooping she was supposed to be giving! I suggest she sticks to whatever it is she does that doesn’t involve hand to hand combat

  3. This all to happen down south? Mr Wong think maybe this 2 sister fight over who get to fuck brother. Brother and sister all to fuck together down south. Mr Wong just kidding to make geography joke. Congratulations Mrs Girl for make post ‘I fucked him first’ brother/sister fuck video.

  4. The so called ho who started this fight really needs to pick her battles more carefully as she got a total ass whipping !!
    Maybe karma for starting it but can’t help thinking the ho who dished out the ass whipping most likely did wrong she just gives off that aura off druggie/ easy lay kinda vibe !!

  5. @yournextexgirl
    I FUXKING LOVE THIS VIDEO! I saw it somewhere else,my girlfriend sent me the link, telling me I’d STILL eat this bitch alive!! Lolz….well I used to be able to, sigh!!
    Many thank yous! ❀

    Come whoop my asssssssss…ahaha,let go of my hair! HELLI NO BITCH! I hold their hair too, while I knock their teeths OUT! Hair is awesome! Tiz a leash, or thing to grab on to and hold for whatever word im thinking…shit! Good girl,should have dragged the bitch to the curb,and have given her a pretty little California smile!!! LOLZ!

    • You had one job… To whoop my ass… And you couldn’t even do that ! …WORTHLESS!!!! Oh my God I can’t help it this is my new favorite video of all time everytime I watch this video it gets funnier and funnier I just giggle my fucking ass off

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