Vietnamese Man Hacked to Death Over a Bet

Vietnamese Man Hacked to Death Over a Bet

A man was brutally attacked by a man wielding a cleaver in the Loc Tho Phuc Tho district (Phúc Lộc Thọ) of Hanoi, in Vietnam at approximately 8 am on October 9th, 2016. CCTV captures what appears to be an ordinary mundane morning of people going about their business at the market when suddenly we see people run while others watch an obvious commotion out of sight. Soon, the men involved in the scuffle appear on camera, one being bloodied, running from a man with a cleaver-like weapon who continues to hack at the man eve after her has collapsed. A passerby attempts to help the fallen man but is prevented from doing so until the attacker leaves.

It is reported that the incident was sparked over a betting/gambling debt. The victim later died from his injuries.

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19 thoughts on “Vietnamese Man Hacked to Death Over a Bet

  1. The guy with the white shirt arriving last on the scene made the most of this situation by flicking away either the wallet or a cell phone of the victim I think the guy who stole it from the victim had some unsettled debt repayable from the latter .
    Atleast he’ll walk back home happily with his debt partly settled but the machete wielding guy will find himself locked up somewhere behind bars of a prison waiting with their open arms .

  2. Fuck! Dude with the meat cleaver was beaucoup dien cai dau! Choppy went medieval on that welcher’s ass.

    On a side note: Did anybody else see a guy in the white cap, with the white shirt and black pants go into the victim’s pocket to take something and run, only to come back for something else?

    • Yeah. Looked like possibly wife,,l digging out his cell phone to call a bambulance and then getting wallet for his info. Perhaps he has to pre verify coverage thru his medical insurance company. What we don’t know is of this is an on the job injury or an off work injury.

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