Result of Failed Shotgun Suicide

Result of Failed Shotgun Suicide

Hey there! How is everybody dong tonight? You hungry? Cuz Uncle Obli’s got some fresh fixins for you to sink your teeth into! Looks at all the juicy meat right there. That’s what happens when you fuck up a suicide with a shotgun. Personally, I never understood how you could screw up killing yourself with that fine piece of machinery but I’m no scientist, I just bring the blood, bitches! Enjoy.

And give your props to the motherfucking Pink!

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30 thoughts on “Result of Failed Shotgun Suicide

  1. Honestly, it must suck surviving something like this. You want to kill yourself so badly that you use a shotgun (if you’re using a gun, you’re not fucking around looking for attention, you MEAN IT), but you just end up disfigured. Sometimes, it’s better to just die.

  2. And now he seems to be regretting his action but its too late
    He could have hired someone to do it for him if his sorry life had been bitching his every second .
    On the bright side though he never need brush again or go to any dentist ………his facial meat is all wrecked up and beyond repair and he will have to stay that way
    He doesn’t even need no Halloween masks for the 5th Monday of the , October month which is 31st BTW

  3. What was all the quivering about? Must be some heavy narcotics. If you’re gonna do that trying to kill yourself and you blew half your face off, wouldn’t that be a really good reason to finish it? Maybe he thought he might wind up just a brain, with eyes, in a jar after fucking up so bad. Just another depressing day for a depressed SOB.

  4. Shoot again , dude. Your life is over. No more good food, no more girls, no more working where people can see you. Drooling all over the place, talking all indistinguishable, if at all. Just piles and piles of medical bills, and you thought shit was bad before.

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