Effects of Bacterial Meningitis on the Brain

Effects of Bacterial Meningitis on the Brain

Image here is from an autopsy performed on a man who had suffered from bacterial meningitis. This condition is an infection of the layers of protective tissue that surround the brain and spinal cord. It can be caused by a number of issues or for seemingly no reason. Children under two years of age tend to be the highest at risk for infection while adults are at a risk from factors ranging from everything to compromised immune system, alcohol abuse, consistent nose and ear infections and pneumococcal diseases such as pneumonia.

Note the yellowish-green color of the brain being exposed as the layer of tissue is peeled away. The brain of this man was surrounded by pus. Excellent image. Ive always had a fascination with autopsies in general and I spent some time drinking in this picture.

Mad props to RGM member, @eyez2die4 for the contribution.

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44 thoughts on “Effects of Bacterial Meningitis on the Brain

  1. Wow I’m glad I didnt’ get bacterial meningitis when i was a kid, I had severe ear infections when i was a kid and had to get tubes in my ears. This kind of Reminds me of the show monster’s inside me where they try to diagnose people.

  2. Its easy resetting brains suffering from bacterial meningitis by simply flipping through the previous pages of gore videos courtesy ISIS .
    An hour long undilated viewing can bring the best results out ……and one can be their normal self again.🐺

    • @Ladywicked666 I wouldn’t know if ya are pulling a fast one or is it for real for your having undergone 6th+surgery .
      God forbid if that’s for real my prayers are with ya .Hope ya knock that meningitis off your brains with all yours and ours positive vibes added and included.
      Have a good time in your robust body with sound health …….take care

      • Awww, @blucon ,you’re sweet baby,but alas. Next surgery will be my 14th since having this shit diagnosed in June of 2013, and 12th since having the shunt put in 3/14?/14… I think? it was 3 days before my bday….So back on bg,I was there when I first had it put in! I was an article there, and yeah….lolz,I’ve come ALONG WAY BABY! Ive already had to have a revision last year, NEVER AGAIN! They had to break my skull,to take the old tube out and put a new one in! Lolz,why do you think I only have 12 years IF THAT LEFT?…. Im only 31 hun… lolz…
        Btw,word to the fucking wise: AJAY NEVER LIES!! My names ajay,NOT willy,okay? I don’t sugarcoat shit,nor do I holdmy tongue! You wanna know the truth, and nothing BUT, ASK ME! You want that nice cutesy truth? Go talk to fark or cuntska! They can fart you out some glittery clouds,of rainbows and sheeps! ???

        • @Ladywicked666 . I ain’t gonna lie but it did pain me in the way your being just 31 years of age and having endured so much of pain at such a young age makes the heart bleed . .
          Worry not when ya open up your heart nothing but the truth emerges . Just keep a positve side to yourself and ya will have nothing to worry about .
          Let the life go on and ya will be fine .
          stay positive and let not any fear of the unknown haunt ya . . We all live next to our ghosts but that in no way means the life doesn’t come blessed for those who have to carry their cross and be candid enough in telling the world their side of the story .Some tend to hide but you let that out which means you lifted a whole lotta off your shoulders . Free your brain up and let it smile

          • You’re very sweet @blucon
            But tbvh with you….losing Silas was and will ALWAYS be the hardest thing I’ve EVER gone through…these surgeries, the physical therapies having to re learn shit,the spinal taps,the nightmares..NONE COMPARE TO WHAT I WENT THROUGH 6/23/13-7/01/13And so on….NONE!!!! Im sorry….??????

          • Here on this site it’d be weird if I said ” BE BLESSED” cause its gonna have some sphincters itch pretty bad but I do care a heck cause what;s meant to be said need said .
            So there ya are @Ladywicked666 endure a little more of that pain as you are one tough woman ..and I do know telepathically that pain won’t subsist
            remember you have your good angels too by your side just do the right deed and ya are gonna be fine
            let not the good times stop to roll

          • Many thank yous my love @blucon please don’t let this pain you, I’ve been killing myself since 98….I’m okay with this…I want you to know, that I greatly appreciate you though…❤

  3. My friend’s husband had meningitis (can’t remember if it was viral or bacterial) and I hope I never have to go through that shit. Poor guy not only was in pain from the meningitis but also from the actual spinal tap which required a blood patch to fix his severe headache. If I ever have to get a spinal tap, no one is touching me unless they’re using ultrasound ?

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