Two Men Killed in Boating Accident in Virginia

Two Men Killed in Boating Accident in Virginia

Yay, we have American gore. Except it ain’t that gory. Millions and millions of people walking around with cell phones glued to their hands and all they ever capture is what their dinner looks like and 23787 daily selfies. At least someone caught something this time.

Two men were killed Saturday, October 15th when they were ejected from their 36-foot catamaran boat during the Potomac River Radar Run. The crash happened near Fairview Beach in Virginia. The men killed were the boat’s driver, James Melley, 49, of Buford, Georgia, and Garth Tagge, 61, of Atlanta, Georgia. The boat they were in is known to be capable of hitting speeds as high as 190mph, but it’s unknown how fast the boat was going at the time of the crash. It looks like it was going pretty damn fast to me. I can’t even imagine what face planting in the water at that speed must have felt like. Police are still investigating what could have gone wrong.

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36 thoughts on “Two Men Killed in Boating Accident in Virginia

  1. I swear some of these speed boats need ejection seats installed and only become activated once you turn the motor on. Lets just say a seat that will deploy when the front end gets to a 20 degree angle or higher, throwing you only about 40-50 feet in the air, more importantly, in the opposite direction of the boat and against the momentum. Instead of smacking into the water at full force of 145-180 mph, you end up landing in the water at maybe 40-70 mph. They still may break a few bones, but they’d have a much better chance at surviving, especially without the threat of the boat landing on them. Probably a dumb idea..

  2. Quickly, get them to the doc! They can still be saved!

    Lol lame jokes aside, this was a very entertaining vid, it’s not everyday you get to see someone bounce across the surface of water like a pebble. Goes to show that gore isn’t always what makes these videos great ?

  3. “…straightened her up now, and on track,..rather closer to Peel Island.. we’re at full power… & tramping like hell,..can’t see much and the water’s very bad indeed , I’m galloping over the top . . . and she’s actually making a hell of a bloody row in here…I can’t see anything…… the bows coming up/out …….I’ve gone!……”

    Im sure someone will get this reference…probably an englishman (old boy)?

  4. Just like old joke go, the only good thing about to be in Virginia is that you not in West Virginia instead. Mr Wong not usually feel sorry for men who die on 36 foot boat while go 190 mile per hour because men who usually doing that be dicks anyway.

  5. They still had a fair chance of survival if the boat weren’t to land on them.
    Talk about lust for blazing speeds . That maniacal speed just lifted the boat up off its keel and duo were flung away like some dummies ….. its a sheer wonder that the vessel stayed intact in one piece as mostly in scenarios like these ……. the boat tears itself apart .
    the speed loving duo turned out to be ejectiles

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