Retro Gore – The Chainsaw Beheading

Retro Gore - The Chainsaw Beheading

Remember a little while back I promised you guys a retro gore series? Well, here’s number two and it’s one of the most famous gore vids of all time, the Mexican Chainsaw Beheading. The two men were a man and his uncle who were running drugs into the United states for the Sinaloa Cartel under the control of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. The men are accused of being snitches and one is swiftly decapitated with the chainsaw after an interrogation. The other man has his head cut off by knife. I never really understood why they changed tactics considering how effective and brutal the Chainsaw while the man beheading the second victim is having a hell of a time. Maybe they wanted him to suffer more.

Both men were low on the totem pole, claiming to make only “300 pesos” for the jobs they did but they fucked up big time somewhere down the line and paid the ultimate price.

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42 thoughts on “Retro Gore – The Chainsaw Beheading

  1. Wow! Just watched for the first time. At least the first one was quick not painless however by the look on his face. Why didn’t they do the second guy with the chainsaw they must have run out of gas. Took awhile to cut his head off. Very gory, I was not dissapointed.

  2. What a dumb wetback. You cut downward with a chainsaw. If you wanted him to suffer, stop after the first inch of cutting with the saw.

    Can you imagine the shit stain from the other guy? Not only does he see this gory shit 6 inches from his face, but he knows he’s next. And of course you shit and piss yourself when killed.

  3. They should start cutting from the feet up. That way the video would last longer. And how come thereโ€™s no advertisements? Theyโ€™re missing out on big money not having sponsors logos etc on the screen. Why not dress the condemned men in burger king gear and play their jingle when the heads finally detach? BTW โ€“ I feel like such a WIMP! I cry when I cut myself shaving…. classic indeed!

  4. I remember this! How could one not unless there is plaque within the brain stifling memory function! I think of these executions (see also TCM) almost every time I hear a two-cycle engine rev. Thanks for posting one of the most classic oldies we’ve ever seen, Obli. This is shaping up to be another great Halloween, as if we have others! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. After watching the second guy having his head sawed off ever so slowly and hearing the way that he was gurgling, I think the guy that had his head cut off with the chainsaw was lucky in a way. At least it was over for him pretty quickly.

  6. Never seen this 1 before ! Brutal but they both knew and were resigned to there fate 1st guy deffo got the better end of the bargain prob over so quickly he knew nothing about it after first cut 2nd guy got shitty end of the deal having to hear and watch the brutal execution was no doubt expecting same fate but in fact got a slower more painfull death
    Awesome video !!

  7. This one is for keeps
    a true classic ………and its never gonna get old though retro

    300 pesos is all they got for snitching was a white lie the executioners didn’t take to lightly . the other fatso whose arm got severed while beheading the skinny guy was so ice cold with the fear that he didn’t shriek out with any pain .
    He knew his turn was next .but they found a grisly method to behead him which generally is the ISIS way .He had a tough time letting his neck go .

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