Man Run Over by Truck, Brain Squirted Out

Man Run Over by Truck, Brain Squirted Out

Video from what appears to be India captures the aftermath of motorcyclist who had been run over by a truck. The best part of the video comes at the end as they attempt to get the truck off of the body. Wheel goes right on top of the man’s head and pops it like a giant zit. Brains go squirting out in all their gory glory. And then the truck continues on its forward movement and runs the body over again. Talk about adding insult to injury!

Props to @mrspink for the hookup.

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27 thoughts on “Man Run Over by Truck, Brain Squirted Out

  1. So obviously you don’t have to know shit about truck driving to drive a truck in India correct ??? And from the sound of that truck the clutch was wiped out anyway… and it’s about freakin time I got to be first comment… UmmmmmmYAY!!!

      • @bae29 Why? Because they wanted to see what would happen when the truck ran over him. You see, this was planned, that’s why you heard everyone yelling “wait wait wait wait wait wait” because not everybody had their phones out yet, but when they did, they all said ” Ok Go!” .

      • OMFG….what wrong with these idiots?!
        @bae29 I thought same,just move tire up 2 feet and pull his body out! I know he’s dead, (I hope he was dead) and it’s India but wtf,try and be somewhat professional and respectful. Guy went from a nice Hindu funeral to closed casket set on fire.they were more concerned with the bike… What were they worried about getting dirty by moving him? Dem be the smelliest,dirtiest fuckers on planet. The driver had to be a retard wacko….and someone got a new motorbike.

  2. They tried in vain to yell for the driver of the truck to stop. The truck trying to stop was apparently how all this happened in the first place. I thought the official splatter guard was a nice touch. One certainly doesn’t get that everywhere.

  3. Its insane when ya see sonething like this . The Goddamn driver seemed raw and pretty much fresh driving around that 40 tonner freight ro-ro .
    All thanks to motherfucking Driver 🐵 ……..I am imagining at this rate many more obituaries are gonna show up here on the site ………
    To further add to the damage his reversing farted the motorcyclist’s brains out like the insides of an exploded watermelon.

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