Murder of the Gutted Man Recorded by Killers

Murder of the Gutted Man Recorded by Killers

Good evening, boys and gores. Video has now surfaced of the gutted and beheaded man which was recorded by his killers. Surprisingly it was committed by two women. Apparently this man has been accused of pedophilia and his killers have taken matters into their own hands. Impossible to say if it’s true or not of course. The women laugh as they go about their deed and appear to be dressed more for a night on the town rather than torturing and murdering a man. The man gurgles as his lungs are punctured and blood leaks from his chest cavity. The big booty chick begins carving open his stomach as the video comes to it’s end. The beheading is not shown and neither woman has been identified or apprehended as of the time of this writing.

Brutality from @mrspink. Thank you kindly.

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97 thoughts on “Murder of the Gutted Man Recorded by Killers

  1. Oh my GOD! Wow. This was absolutely brutal. I was in shock after I heard female laughter, then a woman comes into frame. These two need to be tracked down immediately and taken off the face of the planet…. Painfully.
    His labored distressed breathing is enough to give me chills and leave me horrified. , but for them to laugh while she is sawing away at him, is way too much.
    Then this poor man was castrated and stabbed in the abdomen, which is beyond painful. I can’t believe she starts to gut him while alive and he obviously has some level of conciseness, I’m absolutely disgusted by these two women. Horrible and they both deserve a painful and drawn out death. They intentionally wanted this man to suffer unimaginable pain before his death.

  2. I wonder if it was a child or family member of theirs that was molested by the ‘alleged’ pedophile considering how brutal and cold they were. As always I can’t help but think when someone goes through this….I sure hope they were guilty of the crime.

  3. Even if the pedophile was sat next to by these two women and eerily laughed at the way they did ,he sure as fell would have frozen in horror and died .
    They were up to it with all preparedness wearing gloves and stuff and even the surgical cap was donned on by one .
    Looks like this man preyed on one of their own and rightly got what he deserved

    on a lighter note though :
    Why did the Prophet Mohammed marry a six-year-old?Because he was a paedophile.
    A boy comes home from primary school one day. His mother notices that he”s got a big smile on his face. She asks, “You look happy, did anything special happen at school today?” “Yes mum – I had sex with my English teacher!” he replied. The mother is stunned. “Get up them stairs now and wait until your father gets home!” The dad comes home and hears the news; he”s as pleased as punch. Beaming with pride, he walks over to his son and says, “I hear you had sex with your English teacher.””That”s right, Dad.” “Well, you became a man today – this is a cause for celebration. Let”s get fish and chips, then I”ll buy you that bike you”ve been asking for.””Mint! – but can I have a football instead? My arse is killing me.”
    A man goes to the Optician complaining of blurred vision. Looking into his eyes with a scope, the optician began to tut-tut and groan. What is it asked the patient? Oh, the worst case I have ever seen. But whats wrong with my eyes doctor? Well if you must know, you have Christian Brothers Syndrome. Christian Brothers Syndrome, asked the patient…What’s that? Well, said the Optician, Your Pupils are Fucked!

  4. Agreed if he is /was responsible for any crime of sexual nature to kids then he deserved every second of the pain he sufferd and hope he was still conscious and aware thorough the whole process including the beheading and felt every second of the torture !! Dirty bastard

    If he was innocent and just in wrong place at wrong time then that is fukd !!

    • Everybody keep saying ” IF ” he was guilty then he deserved it…. how horrified would you be if you found out he was innocent??? Yeah sure okay if he was guilty then yes he deserved it … but I can’t help wondering how many innocent men have been murdered because they were falsely accused

      • Lolz! How cute @howefrank. Totally digging the for the right act, but who really, other than you, gives a flying fuck if THIS fucks innocent or not?!?! Truthfully? I don’t! I come to a gore site,hoping to see the most bloodiest, nastiest, deaths around, know why?… Because I have an unquenchable blood lust baby! Maybe @obli Yall should add a puppy,to the entrance site love! Seems as if some here, needed to click on that, vs the site…. LOLZ!!

  5. At this point is he really aware of any of this? It’s weird cuz in the beginning he seems to be trying to deflect the “spanking” and even flips onto his back, but then when they cut his ear off he doesn’t respond. They stab his lung, he doesn’t budge. They filet his nuts, and nothing. They turn his stomach into Swiss cheese and he just lays there. I wander if they knocked him unconscious before the video started. But if they did, then what was the point of all the “torture”? Pffft, amateurs ?

  6. At least they had already cut off his ??ears so he didn’t have to hear his gurgling noises so well and was also spared the gleeful laughter and they went about slicing and stabbing. Also he didn’t have to hear his gut splat into the ground not that a pedo shouldn’t just saying that was a type of kindness shown him perhaps.

  7. In this world nowadays… everybody is so perfect but only the Moral Majority… and no one is ever falsely accused ever, ever, ever No innocent man has ever been mistakenly slaughtered and horribly tortured ever, ever, ever…RIGHT ???!!… just tell me I’m right and I will feel a lot better… if this man may have been innocent , what a horrible horrible video what a horrible thought, so it’s much easier for me to just believe that he is guilty, that way I don’t have to feel guilty myself for having accidentally murdered an innocent man …so please!!! just reassure me that he really was guilty and I can live with myself another day… otherwise …God , who knows what I might do… sorry I’m not so hard-hearted as you guys but I have a brain the Wonders just because we have a video here and a half-hearted story it’s just easier to believe what we’ve been told… isn’t it???!!

  8. Sorry I can’t sit in the dark and believe what I’ve Been Told. … all we really have here is a video of a man being brutalized… how do any of us know that he really was guilty…. was he convicted??? Was he caught or was he merely accused??? Sorry I’m not so black hearted to just believe the first thing I hear… not that stupid either… I don’t mean to ruin anybody’s fun but I’m not here 2 point and laugh but to carefully consider… everything I see because I can barely believe anything I hear anymore… I’D just rather not be so jaded that I can’t feel anything anymore… just because someone else said so

    • @howefrank None of us know if he was guilty or innocent. He was accused of the rape and hanging of two children. Personally, I don’t enjoy seeing anyone murdered, so i don’t think you are ruining anyone’s “fun”. It’s something I consider every time I see one of these videos, whether the one being killed was even guilty of the crime he was accused of or not. And we don’t know. These women may not even know for sure. Either way.. the women in this video thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing, and that’s something I won’t ever understand.

      • My thoughts exactly. What I see from the video is a lack of rage, which makes me suspicious of the story. If he raped a child and/or hung them, I would expect there to be rage. There is none. These people are just thoroughly enjoying this, for whatever reason. If it was family,friends, or the community members who are giving vigilante justice, then you would certainly except to see/hear the rage, hurt and disgust in their actions and tone. I dont see this. What I do see and hear are several persons turning this mans pain and brutal torture into a game feast. Who the hell knows what this man did, but I am certainly suspect of the reasons for this murder.
        On another note, I completely advocate for an eye for an eye justice. If you murder or rape someone, and it is proven without a doubt to be true, then you should incur the same fate. This video bothers me for several reasons, but if these individuals are really carrying out “justice” and they are “normal” humans beings, they would definitely not find the pleasure in this mans murder that they are obviously experiencing … Especially considering the lack of emotion or anger. If this was an aunt or the mothers of the victims, then there would be raw emotion behind it, there is none. They think this is more funny than anything, and that is what is highly disturbing. You kill a child and rape them you deserve to suffer some pain and have a bullet in your head, but the way this was carried out and joked about (laughter) makes them
        No better then the man who supposedly committed the rape.

    • @howefrank
      You bring up a great point and like @yournextexgirl said it’s something I often think of too. Especially in these countries where citizens take it upon themselves to dish out punishment. I always think what if the rapists or child molester was the one to accuse an innocent person so they could get away with the crime? Or a angry ex trying to get revenge. The possibilities are endless but I’m sure, sadly, there have been plenty of innocent people who have suffered because of an accusation. Even in the US we have a lot of prisoners who are sitting in a cell that are completely innocent and many in the past were executed so I’d say the chances of it happening in a 3rd world country are pretty damn high. Sorry, got ranty but it’s a good topic of discussion πŸ™‚

      • Thanks @littlefoot …I knew there were some folks here who would question what they were told and not just belive blindly what they are told … and yeah if the fuck is guilty then fuck him he got what he had coming… but I will always refuse to be led around blindly by the nose when my mind works fine I’ll come to my own decisions thank you… and I have never ever ever clicked on the puppy!!! …. and by the way for those who were only here for the bloodlust just know that your opinion means very little to an empath who comes here to know the darkness without having to wallow in it so yeah if the sight of lots of blood makes you cum…don’t expect your opinion to matter. To me….

  9. Could’ve made the effort to put in a little more light and less shaking and making the video longer. Yeah sure gloves are there, whatever. What about thinking about the fuck your breathing? A mask could of helped. And, using your casual clothes is just filthy. At least wear a damn apron. But, what could I expect from place like Brazil where cutting on the dirty ground is just as similar to cutting on a autopsy table. Filthy amateurs! Plus, I agree with howefrank – there could have a been a probability that he was innocent.

  10. This disgusts me. I believe that pleasure and joy should never be had while taking a life. I don’t care what the person did, it may be a moment of relief, vengeance, defense, whatever but never joy. It’s even more disturbing that it’s women doing it, it’s very atypical for woman to commit violent, hands on crimes. Women tend to poison or get someone else to do the deed. When they do murder violently it’s usually in a rage, not in an enjoyable way. These two are very dangerous and need to be found asap.

  11. Having a fascination for the depraved does not mean you have to become depraved.

    The mob justice some people seek is just the desire to return to the dark ages where people used to accuse each other of witchcraft. I doubt that man stood trial and thus a mere accusation could have been enough to trigger paranoia. Besides, one thing is to deliver justice and another thing is to revel in it.

    These women were obvious sadists and there is just more evidence in the video that they were nutcases than anything against the man. Either way he did not deserve what he got and even if he was guilty they are like sick beasts that need to be put down. I’d prefer a dog with rabies to be put down placidly since these sick people are not as aware of their actions as one would think. Humans are the most complex machines but with complexity comes the risk of very minor imperfections/deformities leading to illogical actions.

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