Young Thai Woman Found Dead In Her Bed

Young Thai Woman Found Dead In Her Bed

A 26 year old woman was found dead in her bed in Thailand. I’m not exactly sure what happened to her, her cause of death is unknown. I do know I want that Angry Birds shirt she is wearing. These types of videos always weird me out more than violent ones like stabbings or beheadings. Maybe I’m just a weirdo though. It looks like the girls waiting outside her room were family or friends and are probably the ones that found her. You get to see boobs, so you’re welcome.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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72 thoughts on “Young Thai Woman Found Dead In Her Bed

      • @blucon Will I dream? – HAL Hey Bro, when we were kids, we thought that was so cool, one letter off from IBM, like computers were gonna’ take over the world and kill people, yeah they kill me when they run slow and then freeze up! Nextie said in the article we don’t know what happened to the girl, if she got strangled in her sleep or was thrown on the bed after her attacker had his (her?) way with her. Or maybe just an OD. Too bad for this poor lady.

        • @BornToRun hey bro if some of those hunches and the fear ya harboured didnlt come true then something is down the road for us in our life time when the machines will rise and take over the world or maybe have the human race wiped off from the face of this earth never knows advances happening in robotics by leaps and bounds sometimes seem like a frightening proposition. ..brace yourself to the reality cause the doomday scenario is crafted well when machines will wipe the slate clean and rule the world …a century ahead of us may not be ours but of the Bigger meaner more mightier Machines .

          Alright here is my take on this …….the young woman’s bare skin is showing signs of sturggle which means there was someone in the room and he forced himself on to her . she was raped and suffocated to death may be by hands or with a pillow to her mouth
          it isn’t a case of natural death … as there are a lot many tell tale marks hinting screaming out that it was a case of rape and cold blooded murder . .

  1. Mr Wong very confuse and video very strange. Mr Wong no can understand why dishes on balcony? Who do that? You wash dish and utensil in bathtub while wash yourself like normal person, toilet good for prewash. Toothbrush good for get out stuck on food.

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