Brazilian Inmate Chopped and Stabbed While Love Song Plays

Brazilian Inmate Chopped and Stabbed While Love Song Plays

In Brazil.. inmates at some shithole prison played Whack-a-Brazilian with another inmate during yard time. They whacked and hacked away at him like.. a Brazilian times. Some say he was a rapist but maybe it was just the love song playing that sent them all into a fit of rage. It kind of made me want to punch someone too. Anywho, he’s pretty much dead now.

Thanks to @MrsPink for the video.

There’s also an update for yesterday’s post.

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71 thoughts on “Brazilian Inmate Chopped and Stabbed While Love Song Plays

    • Inmate filming says: I have no idea to this day what those 2 Italian ladies were singing about…truth is, I don’t wanna know. Something’s are best left unsaid. I like to think they were singing something so beautiful it can’t be expressed in words…and makes your heart ache cuz of it. I tell those voices soared,higher and farther than anyone in a gray place dares to dream. It was like some beautiful bird flapped into our drab lil cage,and those walls dissolved away. And for briefest of moments…every last man at Dasilva Prison felt free.

  1. Aww and here I always thought Nextie was the kind that likes to slow dance to love songs… lol sorry.

    Well these guys definitely seemed passionate about what they were doing to that poor fucker, what better way is there to show someone your passion for violence than hacking them up to a nice love song.

  2. Just an old fashioned love song…
    Choppin’ down in three part harmony…
    Just an old fashioned love song…
    One I’m sure they chopped for you and me…

  3. I like the way how they kept stabbing to the beat . The two of them with the Machetes weren’t a happu duo as it shows they held a serious grudge against the butchered up guy
    His arse looks well tenderized with those multiple stabs .

    And to come to think of it …… Is that a prison ? where the fuck fences and the Police are? .
    Its free for all in Brazil when the yard times kick in .
    As always yard times are gala times .
    Fuck I missed my count of the flip-flops in all their milieu
    & I gotta play the video again

  4. He didn’t even try to protect his head. It’s pretty obvious he WANTED to be knocked unconscious cuz he knew the torture that was coming. But damn, even when he was hit the first couple times in the head, he didn’t even instinctually try to cover up. I’d say he got off pretty easy…but there’s no telling what he endured before the video started.

  5. If that’s a prison they must not be allowed to have sharpened machetes there because then someone could actually use one to kill a man in a single chop or two. Dull ones it seems allows for time for help(?)to arrive.
    Yeah. I was kidding about help arriving.

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