Man Found Gutted and Decapitated in Girau do Ponciano, Brazil

Man Found Gutted and Decapitated in Girau do Ponciano, Brazil

Locals discovered the mutilated body of a man on the morning of October 12, 2016 around 8:52 am local time in a rural area outside the city of Girau do Ponciano, state of Alagoas, Brazil, The man, who has not been indentified, was found with his hands tied and his decapitated head inside his chest cavity. The mans guts and internals had been removed to make room for it. Huge lacerations on his legs suggest that he was tortured with a machete or something similar before being decapitated.

No suspects have been apprehended or identified as of yet but who is willing to bet this had something to do with drugs? Call it a hunch. Anyway, I know a lot of you guys start your day feeling like this, but lets hope you don’t end up looking like it!

Thanks, @mrspink!

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74 thoughts on “Man Found Gutted and Decapitated in Girau do Ponciano, Brazil

        • @gentlenatureman I’m so bummed I didn’t realize I was on a freeview and watched season 1 and season 2 but only the first and maybe second episode. None of the other channels were working so I was hoping it was a screw up. This has always been my favorite but I can’t afford the plus package. There aren’t many shows that I love as much as the Evil Dead franchise. Bruce Campbell is pretty fucking amazing and the choice of supporting actors was spot on. Ugh I’m so bummed 🙁

          • @ Trainwreck Season 2 has only broadcast two episodes so far so you are caught up. Episode 3 is on tomorrow. (Sunday) Just say “Ashy Slashy” three times. You will find it.

          • @trainwreck Can you watch it on your computer? I thought I remember you saying you had gangster skills on a PC.
            If you google, ashv.evdd.s02e02.hdtv.x264-fleet.mkv
            I bet you will be able to find a place to find a place to help you. 🙂

          • @gentlenatureman I don’t know how or when my PC skills got to gangster level but it’s been expounded upon like playing telephone.

            What they were years upon years ago are nothing now. I’m not an idiot around a computer so I can for sure find it. Everything is far more complex now than ever before. It was all so very simple back then. Just the right software, couple clicks of the keys a bit of coding and voilà.

  1. Good, I hope he was alive while he was eviscerated and when his rib cage was cracked open. I hope every second felt like an eternity for him. I don’t care what he did, or didn’t do, just as long as he suffered an excruciating, torturous death.

    • @havohej hey babe, you know what I wanna see…I wanna see someone bring out the lungs from the back, it’s called “something” wings. I forgot the something part but I do remember the wings. They break the rib cage on the back, bring the lungs out carefully and It’s supposed to look like a bird or butterfly, the way they breathe looks like flapping wings. Wouldn’t mind some Columbia neckties either.

      • @eyez2die4,
        Ahh, the Columbian necktie…Slice someone’s throat and pull their tongue through. That would be badass to see also. I like how you think. Have you heard of Scaphism, that is one of my all time favorite torture methods. It’s very disturbing.
        I like to read about human torturing and the devices. I would like to lhave lived in the Dark Ages.

        • @havohej YES! where they are eaten alive by the bugs. That would be interesting to see as well. How come the Brazil crazies haven’t thought of doing any of these? I wanna see the rat one too. Also the rack. The Spanish donkey. Oh the Judas one too. I forgot the rest of it but you know what I mean.

          • @eyez2die4,
            I really like the idea of closing someone up in between two boats, or hollowed out logs like a human turtle, on a stagnant pond and force feeding them milk and honey until they throw up and they get diarrhea, to attract the bugs. You also have to keep doing this over and over again. Then slice their exposed limbs and poke out their eyes to make them drink more each day you visit them. Then pour the milk and honey mixture all over them to attract even more insects. I’ve read it can take up to a week for them to die.

          • @eyez2die4, let’s not forget about the brass bull, the iron maiden and cooking people slowly in cages above fires. I like impalement too. There are so many ways to make someone suffer. It’s my favorite topic to read about.
            I guess the Brazies have no imagination. They keep doing the same boring shit. Oh, I also like skinning people alive as well.

          • @eyez2die4, I just looked it up, it’s called the Judas Cradle. Imagine tying up your worst enemy and lowering them down on that seat. The tortures didn’t clean that seat between each use. Just think, the Christians invented these devices just to convert people from other religions. So much for their so called free will bullshit. It’s always been about tactics and money, just like the Muslims still do today. That’s why I say they’re all the same. If you take the L out of Gold, you get the word God. That’s what every religious fool is worshiping and they don’t even know it.

          • @havohej @eyez2die4 oh yes that would have been a great time to live, and I do like the brass bull, the people would sit around and eat dinner while the poor sap would be burned alive in the brass bull, when the guy would run out of air there is a small tube inside for the guy to suck air in and at the same time would make the bull moo loud, would have been fun entertainment for dinner I’m sure.

          • @ladybug @havohej. We need to bring back all these fun toys. We do need an Arena to have all these fun times. It would work if we could get enough people to maybe get it going but all the people who say that criminals are people to and deserve the same rights as everyone else would step in and stop it. I know alot of people wouldn’t mind seeing it so the plan is to take over the world so we can torture people accordingly.

          • @eyez2die4, Your Arena is an excellent idea. We can put those nay saying, weak minded simpletons out front, impaled on stakes and in cages over open fires as a warning. After all, as I see it, they are guilty by association and are part of the problem. Kill them all, I say. 90% of the human population are only good dead.

      • @eyes2die4 Vikings liked to do the blood eagle. My books told me that they split the front of the rib cages and flapped them over the back. They dug seeing the heart still beating. Guess it would be cool, except for the person getting the eagle.
        a cool podcast called Last Podcast on the Right did a nice podcast on torture. They are comedy, but serial killers ect . I love it.
        How about this for gruesome death..They would split open a donkey and stick a person in it, sew it up leaving their head poking out. Person would live for days inside a decaying donkey, plus vultures would come and peck at you.

  2. This guy is a mess he needs to pull himself together… too late to wonder what happened. put him in the meat grinder and make hot dogs. no one will ever know the difference.

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