Good Video of Suicide Jumper from Morocco

Good Video of Suicide Jumper from Morocco

Good morning, sociopaths! Video from Morocco captures a suicide jumper complete with landing and aftermath. Despite falling from the height that he does, his head remains in tact. You’d expect that it would have opened up like a nice, juicy watermelon complete with brains being strewn all over the place but not this time.

No word on who the man was or why he decided to jump, but a pretty good vid nonetheless.

Props to @mrspink.

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58 thoughts on “Good Video of Suicide Jumper from Morocco

  1. With so many ways to go out of this world I don’t understand why someone would jump. Even in a few seconds so many things can cross the mind. Do they keep their eyes open all the way down? Do they brace for impact? Do they hold their breath? Hmmmm

  2. That was some resonating thud …………..and the guy spared no efforts in doing so …………….He was one perched up wannabe spidey who was able to shake a little of terra firma with that leap
    He shook the earth beneath those feet

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