Woman Killed Using a Cutlass Sword in Nigeria

Woman Killed Using a Cutlass Sword in Nigeria

Tragically, this content was sent in to the source by the victim’s sister.

This incident happened almost a year ago on 6 November 2015 which was conveniently on a Friday because TGIF, right? The murder was believed to be committed by the brothers, Praise Ismail Onye and Azubike Onyejegbu, of the husband of the deceased, Nkechi Onyejegbu. The husband and his brothers are nowhere to be found. They currently are wanted by the Nigerian Police for the murder.

Third world justice, people. It is a wonderful thing sometimes and a curse most of the time, such as to what has transpired here. Nkechi probably cheated on her husband which warranted her untimely and gruesome death. Did she deserve it? I don’t know. A bit too much, if you ask me. Boys and girls, remember this: no man or woman is worth going to jail for – trust me. If that manwhore or a bitch of a husband or wife cheated on you, leave his or her ass.

Mad props to @theluvmuscle for the hookup!


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30 thoughts on “Woman Killed Using a Cutlass Sword in Nigeria

  1. It is amazing what swords can do to people without a shield. I can’t imagine how bloody those old battlefields used to be. And if the Japanese Katana, which are supposed to be the sharpest and strongest edged swords in the world, had been used here, instead of a cutlass, this woman may have been completely dismembered. It is hard to imagine going into battle with these kind of weapons… with spears and arrows too. Fields and rivers running red with blood.

  2. Praise Ismail Onye and Azubike Onyejegbu goddammit
    Great job Motherfucking Mr Praise & Onyejegbu
    thanks to ya murdering scumbags thats some great piece of bloody gooey abstract art tour the two of you have walked me through …..about a tener of them I feel .
    Nkechi Onyejegbu……….another fucking teeth rattler of a name
    I got to wind up writing anymore or else I am gonna lose if not all atleast a couple of my sprockets ……
    Feel the rattle at your own risk
    All the three Butchers seem to be too good at their job let’s have their arse shifted to syria immediately

  3. What is really sad here is you can tell from the amount of blood and pattern that she was alive and her heart was working throughout the attack. I just will never understand this level of brutality and torture. How can a person completely turn off and do this to someone that you cared about or loved? Not to mention it looks like they had a child together. If someone is cheating on you, walk the hell away! Period. But it takes a bigger man/woman to do that. No one deserves to be murderded like this unless they participated in a brutal crime themselves, like child rape or murder.
    Just sad for everyone involved.

  4. Ismail is a moslem name and his perp poster says he lived in Malaysia. Malaysia usually takes in only Moslem immigrants. Mr Bombastic although handsome looks homo.
    .Both guys look clean cut and “westernised” for nigeria of today. My take, the wife called out husband for being gay and he to maintain his honor, cover the shame and get rid of her,killed her.

    No mention of bombastic being a relative of murderer so this is further evidence .

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