Syrian Rebel Gets His Face Blown Off by Tank

Syrian Rebel Gets His Face Blown Off by Tank

What up, my Gorriors?! It’s so great to wake up and see something cool, isn’t it? So you know your old pal Obli had to share this with you…

Video from Syria shows Rebels in the middle of a fire fight. They’re doing their usual shit talking to the camera with the Allah Akbaring in full force. But, what else do you expect? There is a tank in the background either in their possession or disabled by them and another one is present out of sight. The men fire shots around a corner and then the tank fires, killing at least two of the Akbars, blowing the face off of one of them. We see the video slowed down to capture the awesome moment.

Props to @mrspink.

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33 thoughts on “Syrian Rebel Gets His Face Blown Off by Tank

  1. What a dipshit ………. that overbravado got him his best facials of a life time which he doesn’t need pay for .
    Those several repeats in slo mo with a lot of debris and his half fucked up face flying all over the place is a treat to watch
    Its stupid when ya think a gun can outdo a tank ………
    He ate a cannon shell 😜

  2. One of those akbars had some kind of rocket launcher over his shoulder, maybe the ones taking potshots at the tank were only trying to get it’s attention and draw it in closer to hit it with a rocket… well, they definitely got it’s attention lol.

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