I wish this is gonna be something kinky but nope, it is not. is relatively young. We’re still making our way to search engines to make sure we are at least on the top 20 results. We have submitted the site on the most popular search engines to make sure we have a considerable online presence which would be known by gore lovers and we hope, someday, to be a considerable player on the gore field. We can establish that by having material that isn’t available for most gore sites. That was made possible by contributions from members and writers alike.

If you got some sweet, sweet gore hook-up, whether it’s personal or something uniquely interesting or perhaps it happens to be major news, please let us know. This website is a team effort and anyone who sends in content we can write about will get proper credits.

Our host and practically all of us here at RGM frown upon plagiarism. We aren’t trying to pull a Melania Trump here and I didn’t go to college to plagiarize shit. So, if you got your submission from a link or from someone, let us know too. We acknowledge material not from us directly.

If you intend to send stuff, please send in files in .jpg format. If it is a gallery, do send in the complete set and not just one, two or three pictures from it. Include the link AND story of the article too. If there is none and it happens to be just images that you’ve stumbled upon, please still do include the link where you have gotten the images.


From: Kay

Porn star died fucking a horse due to internal bleeding on Wednesday…yadda yadda… Her remains are cremated and spread on a horse farm where she once did her carnal acts with farm animals.

Your images and videos should be sent as an attachment. But that should be the format of the information that goes along with your set/submission/gallery.

We will not accept images or videos that are strictly copyrighted, published on several other gore sites (especially big gore sites unless it is major or international news such as acts of terrorism or huge natural disasters), stuff that are outdated (we might run classical gore) or watermarked. Those will never be run. We run researches and checks on facts of images and videos people submit (unless the contributor got it directly from the source or a personal collection/submission) and if the source is full of errors, we reserve the right not to publish or reproduce the article.

We will NEVER publish anything that’s mostly pornography especially child porn. If we receive a submission that contains child porn, we will make sure that you get your ass reported. Leave those little kids alone, you pervert.

We prefer if we get unique content. We like feeling that we are special.

If the website contact form doesn’t work for you, you can email us directly at rigoremortis[at] There’s three of us monitoring stuff in there and if you don’t receive a reply from us, let us know. It might be because your messages are sent straight to spam or never made it to our inbox.

These are subject to change as we see fit but I don’t really see that happening anytime soon.

We are looking forward to your submissions, gorriors!

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25 thoughts on “Submission

  1. Mr Wong try link for watch gayhorseporn sexy time but it not work. Story remind him of time Mr Wong think he fuck Mrs Wong to death but turn out she just fall asleep. Mix feeling for Mr Wong, he very sorry to hear poor porn star die from too much fuck but he also very happy for horse.

    • Awww – that’s a big groan and a giggle from me, mate! Gnat… I’ve seen you before on Best Gore, haven’t i? I’m banned from there I don’t care, as I can look at this fantastic site, run by much more intelligent people than the misogynist, racist, nazi, Hitler lover, Mark Marek. AnyWho! Back to the subject in hand, or in anus, vagina, mouth, lips (either set), What is the point of this side note – Lol I don’t know, but what the hell.?

  2. I havent send any stuff even if i said previously that i would for some reasons, first being that i dont feel motivated for it, secondly, my source being Brazil seems to be getting saturated somehow, and if i see any decent content there theres allways not that much info to come along with the images (or video). Meh… 😐

  3. @staciejaxx I’ll want your precious time spared to tell me why is the middle shot captioned , Vincit Omnia Veritas
    and why not Acneska as she is the one in the line of fire .
    or is it deliberate ?
    Of late she seems to have taken more insults than dicks
    By the way a great post to go with as far as submission is concerned .

    Have a great day

  4. Hey guys I sent in a bunch of submission. But I did it through the email. I’m not good at the peg stuff as you know. I sent in a nice bloater for obli. I don’t know if they had water markes on them. I found them on other sites. I will go back and see if they did and try to figure it out.

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