Man Live Streams Suicide After Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him

Man Live Streams Suicide After Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him

Going through a break-up can be pretty shitty, not gonna lie. It’s usually messy for both sides, but people eventually move on. That’s how life goes. It keeps moving whether your girlfriend broke up with you, your dad just died, or whether McDonald’s just fucked up your order for the 237th time. After a break-up, most people realize that in the end, they’re probably better off. And then sometimes there are those that feel like they can’t live without that person and sometimes they choose not to live without them. I don’t understand it one bit, but here is someone that clearly felt that way.

22 year old Ceren Erdogan from Duzici, Osmaniye Province, Turkey decided that after being dumped by his cheating girlfriend that he could not and was not going to live without her. So he logged onto his Facebook, started up the live streaming app known as Facebook Live and grabbed a gun. He spoke to his viewers and told them,”No one believed I’d die for her. No one believed when I said I will kill myself, so watch this.” He also shared a poem he had written to his girlfriend, “Our love was going to be a saga, our eyes were not going to shed tears, now tell me love, are you leaving, will my hands burn without you.” He puts the gun to his stomach and pulls the trigger. It jams the first time as people watching him live are begging him to stop. He tries one more time and is successful. Relatives of Ceren arrived to find him and he was transported to the hospital where he died 12 hours later.

Come on, people. There are more fish in the sea. Just think of all the annoying shit your ex did that you hated, throw your middle finger up and say fuck you and peace out. And then go eat some ice cream or rent a hooker to make yourself feel better. Always worked for me… the ice cream part of course.

Thanks to @MrsPink for the video!

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  1. You sure the part about the hookers actually works? Every time I spent time with a hooker after a breakup it never made a shit of difference. I always thought “well maybe it’ll work this time” and after the visit I’d be like “nope… nothing”. I’m ashamed to admit I even dated a hooker… twice… yeah, yeah I know, I’m an idiot and a slow learner.

    Best way to avoid a break up, avoid relationships all together and just stick to hookers.

        • @jack…What’s really screwed up about the point of getting a hooker to relieve your love aches is that, knowing my luck, or just having a really crappy time breaking up with a ‘true love’ is that I would wind up with some really crappy disease, like AIDS with genital warts and really rabid ghonorrhea to top it off. Suicide would, in retrospect, have been better. Never say, “ahh, this’ll be a piece o’ cake”… Cause it always go to shit when you do. Too bad younger people can’t gain an older persons perspective…Those of us who have survived, that is. There would be a lot less suicide. When you get past 35 or 40, it’s just, “Ok, fuck it…Another bitch/asshole just fucked me over. Let’s just keep crawling along with it until I can stand upright again.”

          • @theluvmuscle
            Street hookers are the ones you wanna avoid. Not that I still go to them but when I did I only ever went to licensed brothels, the workers there are required to have monthly health checkups, required to check there “clients” for STDs before anything else and also required by law to make you wear a condom. It’s very unlikely anyone would get an STD from these places and if they did, the joint they got it from can be shut down. Also I’ll be 27 next month, not sure if that makes me old or still young but I like to think that I’m now experienced enough to never let a girl really get to me ever again… but on the other hand… I’m a slow learner lol.

        • @jack. You must live in Nevada or outside of the US. I think the way they do it legally is a pretty good thing. A lot safer in every way for all involved. I can’t understand why it’s still illegal because it’s gonna happen anyway. The only reason I can think of is for the money the police make out of fines and putting people throughout the system. Crime does pay… For the people who make money off of it… Taxes pay for police, prosecutors, judges, prison and jail employees, services to all of them and so on, etc, etc, etc..and us taxpayers pay for it all. Legalize prostitution and no one would make money off of it except for the prostitute, who would spread the wealth around the regular way, by spending it. Fuck my taxes going to pay for shit thats already happening anyway and isn’t a crime. If women and men want to make a deal, let them. Marriage is almost the same deal anyway. Just make it safe and sane.

  2. That was cool, I suppose, would have been better had it been to his head, or in his mouth though! Now THOSE attempts are the BEST!!!..
    Ive NEVER understood the whole I NEED SOMEONE thing…WHY? Unless you’re a part of a multiple birth ie,twin or triplet,etc,you are born alone, and if you’re or others are lucky, you’ll die ALONE!! FUCK PEOPLE AND RELATIONSHITS!! They’re totally UNNEEDED!! Great post @yournextexgirl and @mrspink you guys are awesome!! ❤

    • @re-pete you could def see the anguish of heartbreak,I knew a dude way back who did same thing over his skag,she wasn’t even hot,and he could of gotten another chick,but just had it in his head that he couldn’t live without her,i always wondered what may have happened if somehow she came and talked him down,i bet he woulda just ended up doing it later on at some point over her or some other chick,mental illness maybe?

    • Pfffft! This nigga was looking for attention baby!! Take it from a true suicidal person! If he didn’t want the shock value, he’d of eaten that motherfucker! This kid was hoping his ex would watch this, and she’d then come running into his arms, at his hospital bedside!! He just was unlucky and actually succeeded,at what he WASN’T trying to really do….what a loser!

      • @ladywicked666 fuck yeah. Gut shots are slow n painful, everyone knows that. BUT in my life…. i have met some….. stupid… very very stupid people. I truly believe that he possibly could have been that stupid to shoot himself in the gut and not realize live streaming meant he was gunna get help no matter what cause ya knows EVERYONE knows how gut shots work. So he in theory, he could have accidently/fataly inflicted a 12hr long painful death lmfao. But i am leaning more twards your opinion!

        -1 person +1 gore
        Id chock that up as a win either way

          • L0lz!@re-pete I too have eaten ALOT! Food and bitches!! I also have killed myself twice now, and unfortunately the Dr’s brought me back! Fmmfl! Lolz! Everyone talks about how hard it is to live life depressed and suicidal…pffft!That shits a skip through the motherfucking park yo! You wanna know what hard living is like?!? Try not being good enough to die,even at your OWN hands!! I AM THE BIGGEST LOSER IN THE WORLD! Twice I’ve offed myself, only to be brought back to purgatory! No better way to show a worthless pos how REALLY WORTHLESS I TRULY AM! Ohhh excuse me, I forgot, this is the part, where I’m supposed to be like, OH YES, I DO HAVE A REASON TO BE HERE STILL! GOODY GOODY GOOOOSH!!….Mmmmmhmmm! All so I can die by 45! YESSSS! I’m SOOOOOO FUCKING GRATEFUL!! Grateful that I’m 31 that is!! ??????

  3. Damn it… this was the wrong Erdogan… 😆

    So let me get this straight… the stupid whore that was with him cheated on him, and she was the one to dump him too? This guy had material to just slaughter her toy-boy and force feed it to her before performing lingchi on her, and he didnt took it… What a fucking cuck…

  4. On the interweb make sure not to Socialize no more if ya are someone like him. ………FEELING GETTING that fucking over emotional and a sob child ………… huh not my game
    Move your arse up to find another one cause that’s not the end of the world .
    Be a real rooster 🐓 hump as many lady hens as ya want
    the secret is to let not emotions get the better of you .
    Hump and ride on and in between those arse cheeks as ya want and when ya want cuz there are too many out there

    He was one Mr foolhardy to have aroused some worthless sensationlism ……..but all in vain .
    She on the other hand must have parted her slit and masterbated hard with a giant dildo watching him do what he did

  5. Weak people do indeed need to be flushed out of the gene pool. Killing oneself over a hoe who will brag about the fact that a sucker killed himself because of her is beyond stupidity, beyond retardation even. Men are loosing their masculinity and becoming emotional and effeminated.

  6. Love stinks! I’ve been single for over 5 years now, and it’s primarily because I just got tired of getting hurt so bad. It sucks giving your heart to someone and then having it torn to pieces, so now I’m content just living with my kids(my kitties)and they keep my love tank on full.

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