Guy With Knife Stuck In Asshole

Guy with Knife Stuck on Asshole

One night, my big guy and I were talking about stuff and we decided to talk about people who do horse porn. You know? Like any normal couples do. He asked me, ‘what has happened to these people that they thought fucking a horse is a great idea?’ And you know what? I think that’s a great question. So, I spent some time thinking about it; hoping that maybe, just maybe, what I went to school for had some answers for me. I don’t know shit about horses but I may know a thing or two about how people’s minds work and this? I don’t fucking understand. I may have ideas, though but a straight answer is beyond my grasp. So I told him, “I can pull an answer out of my ass right now but I don’t think that’s it.” End of story.

I will never know why people would stick jars, horse dick, arms, and – like guy pictured above – knives up their asses. Since horse dicks aren’t this guy’s thing, he decided to stick a knife up his ass. He thought it was such a great idea that he actually took a picture of it! Brave, but stupid. At least, brave. Think of the upside, though. Another asshole! Another hole he can fill in with shit. Good for him.

Why do you guys think people stick things in areas things shouldn’t be stuck with in the first place?

This was sent in by @mrspink. What a wonderful present from her to all of us.

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64 thoughts on “Guy With Knife Stuck In Asshole

  1. Because humanity’s intelligence and rationality is going in decline. They have been given too much freedom to explore their curiousities, and/or their families havent thought them any restraint and discipline, or simple moral questions to draw the line and realise that just because they can, doesnt mean they should.

    This people are nothing more than dare-devil wannabes, people searching for “new experiences” because they have the narrow/simple-minded belief that “life is short, therefore live your life like theres no tomorrow”… a seemingly careless and regretfulness life that serves no purpose whatsoever in the functional society… So dont expect any progress or breakthroughs being made by those type of people, because those people arent of any use alive to anyone.

    Their only goals are selfish, ment only to seek pleasure in their day to day lifes, nothing else… and thus these are also the perfect target for government control. A flock of those type of people are a dream to any globalist after all, just trow a “forbidden fruit” (illegal drugs, or porn for example) towards their general direction and you have a good obedient sheep.

    • @DerKopfsammler Humans have been fucked since day 1. There are cave paintings of our ancestors bangin animals. The guy who created the theory of evolution was mareied to his 1st causin. Champaigne glasses (or wine i cant remember) were shaped after a molding of a 15 year old girls boobs. Many in amongst our species in all corners of the globe have uncontrollable urges to kill and rape for no aperent reason other then, they were fucked since birth. Religion? Goverment?

      • I was never a fan of Darwin myself, i think there are flaws in his theory compared to what we see and know today. As for the bottle stuff, i dont know to what extent that is even true. But either ways, like with everything else, the human creation sometimes comes with flaws, and while we cannot just simply dispose of them ourselves, we can allways rely on our Nature to do its natural selection. πŸ™‚

    • With all due respect, people have been sticking things up their assholes for thousands of years. If there is a hole, sick a dick in it….even if it belongs to an animal or a car exhaust. And speaking of well used holes…that mans asshole is worn out!

      • They have, but they have not made it public or had any pride of it fearing reprimand by others. Like i said above, just because you can, doesnt mean you should. Theres allways that line that needs to be drawn, otherwise what prevents people to legalize pedophilia, zoophilia (even if thats already a “legal” thing), or necrophilia?

        • I want NO ONE AND NOTHING near my fucking ass. I will beat the living shit out of any attempt to violate my perfection. Uh uh uh.

          As for knife guy I don’t think he was trying to stick a knife up his ass…i really don’t but I wasnt there… if he wasn’t what was he doing? A tribal style ceremonial piercing?

    • @derkopfsammler Well said, and so true, the perverts that control our mass media (nasty rat jews) know this and is taking full advantage of brainwashing the sheep, that is way we see all this fag crap everywhere and men and women dressing up as the opposite sex. We now live in a time of mas perversion and is very encourage by the ones that control what we watch on our nasty TVs. (I have stopped watching the TV for some time now, I don’t even miss it either)

      • @ladybug , we can “thank” the Frankfurt school of “critical theory” (AKA Cultural Marxism) for that… Ever since they set base in post-WW2 Germany, that country has been their successful experiment to brainwash its people to believe that they are “guilty” or anything at all, and forgetting everything that National Socialism ever done for that country and the world… now their poisonous grip has spreaded world wide and people are breeding flocks of degenerates… Its not only TV or movies that spreads that crap, music does it too and internet makes everything easier sometimes if one doesnt learn how to avoid the cancer that is Cultural Marxism…

  2. So this dude actually did this to himself? Deliberately? Fuckin hell…

    You know I always found that being cut by knives and similar sharp objects had a certain kink to it… as long as a girl was doing it to me and as long as it was kept away from my cock and balls… or my asshole for that matter lol. But yeah, I can’t fathom why someone would wanna do this to themselves either. No matter how fucked up you think you might be or how fucked up you think someone else is there’s always someone even more fucked up. At least this guy didn’t cut his balls out and dangle them out of his nutsack like I’ve seen another video of… ugh *shudders*

  3. Ahahahaaaa! I’m having a shitty morning, and the first thing I see in the morning is a stabbed stink hole!! What in motherfuxk!?!?.. No,no…I don’t even WANT TO FUCKING KNOW!.. Knife to the butthole! Uhhhh,huuuh huuuh,huuuh! Heeeey beavis! Uhhhh huuuh,huuuuh! Look at that,uhhhh,bunghole!!
    Morning my fellow gorriors! Hoping everyone is well…

    Many thanks yous @mrspink and @staciejaxx
    You guys are awesome! β™‘

  4. Lots of people hurt themselves for different reasons. I think this guy gets off to the pain. If you look at his ass it’s been used plenty. Maybe something happened to him a kid and now the only way he can get off is with pain. But as time goes on the pain needs to increase and he has to do more and more. Like having sex missionary style gets boring after so long then you need to change it up to make it better. The same goes for him, just his is more extreme.

  5. He’s still has got his poop passage free to let loads of shit out
    What prompts idiots like these is beyond me ……
    his Male Badunkadonk is red in anger but still seems to BE wanting a horse to come along galloping and mount his doughnut sized backdoor with a full thrust .N-e-e-eeeeeeh!

    Just a shot of red pepper can bring him back to reality making him want to settle for only the male dicks ….and he will be wanting nothing bigger ever than that .

    His act has caused to severely lower self esteem of his nuts and the prick ……….which can be seen hanging with their heads in shame .

  6. This guy wasn’t fucking around either. Look how much flesh and how deep he went. Jesus H Christ!
    Oh and from personal experience since I work and own a shit ton of horses, ain’t no fucking way would I let their cock near me!
    Number 1. They are huge
    Number 2. Horses hind legs and hooves are nothing to place around with. One kick will kill you.
    I’ve been beat up pretty bad over the years and have numerous plates and screws. I have also broken almost every bone in my body at least once from being kicked, run over or thrown. People underestimate how strong and powerful horses are. Mine weight approx 1,100-1,800 lbs. it’s not fun when they “misbehave” They can seriously hurt you in a fraction on a second and their movements are lightening fast.

    • @Tammy ………..ya know why he did that cuz at that hour the demons had a hold on him
      Fucking insane the male bitch must have been dead stoned to have gone doing that ………ya can see about 4″ shoved in through and through and there is a grip to one end and the tip to the other

      He is a blade fucker .

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