Triple Murder of Brazilian Drug Traffickers

Triple Murder of Brazilian Drug Traffickers

On October 6, 2016 three men wearing way too much colorful clothing were shot dead in Salvador, Brazil. October 6th sucked for me too, guys. Getting shot in the head.. turning uh, that age I turned – I’m not sure which one is worse, but I can definitely relate. The triple murder took place outside of the Barradão stadium, a popular sports stadium. I don’t have much info on it other than it was drug trafficking related. Drug related? In Brazil? I’m shocked.

Thanks to @MrsPink for the pictures!

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28 thoughts on “Triple Murder of Brazilian Drug Traffickers

  1. Currently that’s the new kinda popular sports being played at the Barradão stadium in and outside .
    Its highly advised that high calibre guns be carried on person while watching this kinda sports ……..mind ya no tickets are required ……….stay seated please cause the chill and thrill is incomparable here.

    one of the dead with those popped up eyes and opened up skull candy was way too much and that’s him in the 6th snapshot ………his eyes can’t believe him sucking on his own blood ……

  2. That popped basketball pic also looks like a rotting watermelon when the rind gets all dried up and curly 😆
    Great job Next! You’re very funny! Especially for someone YOUR age. I guess humor increases as we get older 😛

  3. OKAY….. I see what’s going on here, first there was a post with a guy dead with a PINK safety vest, now this post has a guy dead with PINK shorts on. …hmmmm, do I see a common denominator here? Seeing as they were BOTH submitted by @mrspink? 😉

  4. These eyes don’t lie as here again there are a pair flip-flops worn on and these dudes were only rehearsing what its to scramble up and down a flight of steps .
    and now they lay all scrambled and their bodies in shambles
    One of the dude had an everlasting wish of smelling at least a butthole before he died ………….and see when its Brazil he got it realized too …………..Brazil has a way in fulfilling a deathwish .

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