Thai Man Gets Face Dented by Dump Truck

Thai Man Gets Face Dented by Dump Truck

Good morning, Gorriors, you’re on and we’re starting you off with some gore from Thailand. Work safety is of utmost importance, you can never be too careful, just ask this guy. I have no idea how this happened, but he managed to get his head crushed by the bed of a dump truck. Just literally dented. I wonder if he even had time to register the pain before it was lights out. Hopefully it was quick. And, just to add insult to injury, he had to die in that stupid vest with the happy little cartoon critter on it as a final “Fuck You”. So be careful out there at work today, boys and gores.

Props to @mrspink.

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60 thoughts on “Thai Man Gets Face Dented by Dump Truck

  1. The third picture is a story teller . whoever said ; that’s the right way to hump a dump truck , is once again goddammit so very wrong !
    Dieland guys must know that jizzing is never easy when they get on their toes around cunts and trucks .
    To fuck with the work hazard ….he was one frigging big hazard himself .
    Guys at work do watch your back please .

  2. Man thailand is fuckin weird, the hell kinda work place issues vests like that? Lol. Yeah this dude must’ve been operating the truck bed, lowering it back onto the truck while not paying attention to what he was doing and got his head crushed as a result.

    I almost got crushed between a trucks tail lift and a loading dock platform last year, not cause I wasn’t paying attention but because the driver didn’t notice my hand when I signaled him to stop as I moved behind the truck, thankfully he was going slow enough that I managed to duck at the last second lol.

  3. He just so very rightly proved what its to get sandwiched .
    that vest he wore at best had no purpose ………and why the fuck anyone at work in their right mind would try sticking their face where they were not supposed to.
    Alright Thais have this problem to face which is anything showing a bit of light or ferreting out gets them to think thats the window they should be looking out from.

  4. Once again the lack of steel toe boots bites another worker in the ass… When will they learn you have to wear steel toe boots on a jobsite for safety reasons! And looking at those pebbles they used to chock the wheels of that big ass dump truck it’s a fucking miracle any of them live through a job

  5. Poor Mr Thai Man. Look like last meal was his own boogers. Too bad Sparky the safety mascot on strike for lobby to make worker not have to wear gay vest with gay safety mascot on it which more than a little ironically if you ask Mr Wong. Congratulations Mr Obli and Mrs Pink for make show us work safety instruction picture post and Mr Wong just hope that not Mr Pink.

  6. And Here is proof to mr FI that Earth is NOT flat.
    If Earth WAS flat, then why would the truck need brick-chock by its wheel to stop it rolling?
    Flat Earth = no rolling truck? simples!
    (I have found that if you Fail in reasoning using intelligence and simple logic…. then regress to the level of the halfwit, and “reason” using outright stupidity)

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