Dead Akbar Drug Around While Man Chants Allah Akbar!

Dead Akbar Drug Around While Man Chants Allah Akbar!

Short video from the Middle East shows the end result of some shit hitting the fan. A dead Akbar is shown on the ground and looks like he had been laying there for a bit as riGOREmortis has set in. However, the most interesting part of the video is not the corpse at all, it is the obnoxious “Allah Akbaring” of the man filming. Seriously, count how many times this asshole says “Allah Akbar” within the space of thirty seconds, Jesus Fucking Christ.

Props to @mrspink.

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58 thoughts on “Dead Akbar Drug Around While Man Chants Allah Akbar!

  1. My black flag brings all the goats to the yard and they’re like “Allahu Akbar!”…

    Watch out…I’ll put a bomb in your car…
    I could teach you but I lost my arms…

  2. I liked the way that charred up bloated bastard was dragged straight up but more interesting was to listen to that son of a bitch who thought if he didn’t repeat that chant those many times he’s gonna forget it …………Hahahaha .
    Now that makes me look out for a goat 🐐
    and a pig 🐖

    • These screams and chants are mere intimidation tools which we hear them use often times against the westerners but by doing so they make a mockery of their own selves .
      Now ya don’t go muting the sound if ya feel like watching the video again play it low and raise the bars on your other Music system by playing something that’s close to your heart .

      Rock on babe .Screw the Bastards and their chants these pests mean nothing to the world

  3. Hmmmm…if burning to death shrinks the dick. ….I’d rather drown and get that impressive bloater dick lol!
    Shit, if it can make an Asian look well hung, then I’m a look like a goddam pornstar 😉

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