Agonal Akbar with Smashed in Face

Agonal Akbar with Smashed in Face

Got something today from a Muslim land. An Akbar has taken a nasty blow to the face, caving it in so hard and so fast that he lays there dead but still trying to breath. No info on where this took place or exactly what happened to the man.

Agonal breathing is the phenomenon and it always offers an interesting look into a different aspect of death in which the brain suffers a severe trauma most likely resulting in instant brain death and the body doesn’t get the message that’s it’s dead thus the body still thinks it’s alive and tries to continue breathing although it’s really just gasping. It’s simply a death reflex and does not in any way suggest that the victim is still alive. At least, that’s always been my take on it, Nevertheless, it’s always interesting and disturbing to see, so thank you, Mr. Akbar.

And thank you, @mrspink.

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44 thoughts on “Agonal Akbar with Smashed in Face

  1. You know what this also reminds me of? When a small child has been crying so hard that when he tries to speak he can only…get…one……time..
    cuz..he..can’t..catch..his..breath. 😆

      • My, oh my, Acneska…You are looking more scrumptuous today than ever. You are certainly a wonder woman. @Gezza. Thanks for the savory sight.
        Now, is there any guy out there who hasn’t ever, or very often, spoken to another guy about women like Trump did in that tape. The MSM sure has it in for him… And with all their PC crap about sexual freedom and all the acceptance of almost any form of a persons sexuality, they certainly make themselves out as very hypocritical. Having had quite a few women tell me that the discussions they have amongst their girlfriends can be, sometimes, much dirtier than the way men speak amongst other men, who’s to be so offended? Throwing rocks in glass houses.
        I wonder what kind of instrument did the damage to this guys face?

  2. His sequencing doesn’t seem right but still he keeps trying hard ………Gotta dump this creepy doll out for gasping and gasing at the same time .
    That deadly gash on the forehead looks like a new set of eyes though
    He has turned a Cyclop

  3. Just for the record, I love a good sandnigger death…IJS

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