Young Brazilian Man Killed With an Iron Bar to the Head

Young Brazilian Man Killed With an Iron Bar to the Head

Sheer brutality being brought to you this Friday night, boys and gores. This particular murder actually happened last October but there are many of us who never saw it so here we go.

18-year-old Marwin Chrystian Aquino de Oliveira was killed on a Saturday night next to a parked car at the junction of Ipixuna and Ramos Ferreira streets in the neighborhood center, south Manaus, Brazil. The body was discovered around 1:30 am local time by a man who wished to remain unidentified and in Brazil, that’s your best bet. Relatives who also remained anonymous were notified by police to come and identify the body. No word on a motive for the murder, who the killer was or who filmed the act.

Props to @mrspink for the brutality.

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29 thoughts on “Young Brazilian Man Killed With an Iron Bar to the Head

  1. brutal.
    I remember this one – footage from another guys phone included an “amplified” gurgling sound as the guy coughed blood and gore with the scaffy bar still stuck in what was left of his face (the bar acting as a “megaphone”)

    I cannot imagine many senarios in which i would rue the failing of a pistol that was being triggered into my face… but this is definitely one of those senarios

    If i remember rightly – the guy had been accused of something or other, and with accusation being nine tenths of the law in brasil… street justice was quickly applied. Poor Fucker

  2. These animals are fucking brutal,what the fuck is wrong with them,sticking poles in peoples heads,that dont shock me,the amount of good looking women on here watching this shit is more shocking to me,i dont look at women with cotton wool eyes anymore,these bitches are more or less as bad as us,a good fuck and fuck them to bed,the old lads had it down to a fine art,them lads new,keep them fuckers in the kitchen cooking,them crazy bitches will start a world war.

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  3. 18-year-old Marwin Chrystian Aquino de Oliveira …….

    No wonder the fella got killed because he had too many alphabets to his name ..all in all a total of 31 which ain’t no good when ya are 18 years old living in one hell of a rat 🐀 hole on earth
    and I am sure ya guys know it already as I ain’t gonna name it .
    After all Name does matter when its ***zi*

  4. I remember this one too! That death grunt at the end tho, shudder. But the humiliation and shame with which “pistol boy” walks away with is fucking hilarious 😆
    You just know he never heard the end of it from his homeboys, haha! “Who invited this guy?” “His shit NEVER works!” “That’s the last time we let you come with us on our murdering escapades!”

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