Teen is Abducted and Tortured All Because of Jealousy

Teen is Abducted and Tortured All Because of Jealousy

A 14-year-old girl was abducted, bound and subject to a brutal beating after being lured by some other teens on the pretense of going to a party on Thursday, September 27th, 2016 in Trinidad. The teens involved in the beating range from the ages of 13 to 16. The girls had tied and gagged the victim who also vomited at one point and she was put into a shallow pit that they had dug in preparation for the beating. The girl, who survived the ordeal, was beaten about the head with a stick and a knife and at one point hit in the head with a hammer. The victim suffered a cut tendon in one of her arms as well.

The torture session went on for at least three hours before the victim was able to escape by jumping into a house near the location she was taken. She managed to make her get away after one of the teens went to relieve herself. The neighbor then called the Military Police who, when they arrived on scene, found only one of the teens still at the location and she was arrested. Warrants were issued for the other two girls and they were apprehended the following day. All three confessed (how could they deny it having been stupid enough to film it?) and are facing serious adult charges due to the heinous nature of the crime.

Now, what was the cause…. the justification for doing this to a young woman? Why, jealousy of course. It turns out the victim was involved with an ex boyfriend of one of the torturers and that was the main motivation for the abuse. The victim was treated and released and though her physical wounds will heal soon, her mental anguish will linger for quite some time.

Mad props to @mrspink for the torture session.

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117 thoughts on “Teen is Abducted and Tortured All Because of Jealousy

  1. That kid filming it was risking his/her life by filming them. He/she kept telling them “No, im not filming… Im so afraid…”

    Ohh and according to the news that broadcasted even here in Portugal, that part where she trew up was when they shoved an used pad in her mouth… eewwww… ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. it wasnt a nice thing to do but to be honest a little plonk of a stick on the head and a few kicks and what have you isnt exactly up there with male on male torture.We males are bad ass evil when we get going,well some of us anyway.or most of us.

  3. ups just read the thing lol.ya its bad but not as bad as male on male crime,women are no where near men when it comes to this shit,no heads chopped off our anything,the weaker sex in full swing right here lads

  4. ok so off the topic above but ive been looking into the flat earth for the last while and to be honest its very fucking interesting,anyone else looking at it or have an opinion on it?

      • ill keep it simple then,have you ever seen the world spin?like serious man with all the so called space stations and outer space shit,have you ever seen the round earth spin like they say it does?or just look up all them lying fuckers that said they landed on the moon,just look it up man like i did,when you hear the truth your mind will no.and no we wouldnt see the sun at the same time because your thousands of miles away.if i was a mile down the road and pulled out my cock would you see it?no.

        • @fightingirish16 First off, the sun is big enough to see from, oh what is it, 800 trillion miles away, and second, I don’t need to look it up, it’s just common sense. Look at the moon tonight if you can, if that doesn’t teach you anything, nothing will. I never believe what “they” say anyway.

          • so you never seen the planet earth spin?and what does the moon have to do with it?the moon is stationary like the flat earth,so when you look at the sun with your naked eye on a hot day its what?800 trillion miles away?come on man Jesus Christ you cant think that is true.

          • @fightingirish16 Oh Lord, the half moon tonight has a curve right down the middle of it, how do you think it got that curve? Just please don’t say that the sun is flat too. Never mind, say it, I don’t mind laughing all night.

          • so if the world is round and spinning like ye say and by the way ye never said that ye seen it spin,anyway so why do shooting stars only fall down?why not up,if space is space then why have i never seen a shooting star shoot up?shouldnt they go anyway?

          • @fightingirish16 If we don’t rotate, then how does the sun go from east to west. How is the shortest day of the year in December and the longest day of the year in June? The Earth rotates, that’s why. We can’t stare into the sun for too long, but get a stick and stick it in the ground and stare at it for 6 minutes, that’s us spinning/rotating around the sun.
            Btw, the shooting star is shooting up, from the opposite side of this world, otherwise , we can’t see it shooting up from where we are because the other side of the world is blocking our view of it. What else do you got? Through your own observations that is.

          • @re-pete
            Oh c’mon……. didn’t ya know that this moke, always believed that only when he is dead drunk its when the earth goes around its rotational axis and its ain’t flat but round .

            He is one nerd from a flattened out galaxy. where they have their brains to their knees……..lmao

        • @fightingirish16โ€ฆ Yeah, Irish, I’ve seen and felt it spin. Drink a whole bunch of whisky and a bunch of beers until you feel it start to spin, then lay down on your bed with your foot on the floor and just see if it stops spinning for ya? That’s the truth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • If the world is flat then there’d be problems on a lot of stuff mainly things like planetary orbits and rotation. How can something flat rotate? Complete an orbit? If the world is flat then, like what @re-pete said, we would have the same timezones and we’ll witness sunsets and sunrises at the same time.

      The sun is a sphere. A solar system is made of spheres. A whole galaxy is made of spheres. There’s already countless of evidences – photographic evidences, mind you – that celestial bodies are spheres. Even if you try and build your own telescope or fly to space, you’ll see that the earth and other planets and even moons from other planets are spheres.

      Come.on, man. Even the Ancient Egyptians believe that the world is round and they ancient as fuck. I think they’re the first to know what the circumference of the earth is.

      • first off your wrong the Ancients new it was flat and so did the Egyptians,and why would there be problems on a flat earth,why does a flat earth need to rotate?so we rotate?have you seen this?and what photo evidence?some cleaver drawings,if you look at anything from earth you will not see nothing but a flat disk.i cant understand why cleaver people cant see things for what they are,and ye call me thick.sheeple of the highest order tell ye unplug.

        • Hahahahahahaha I can’t believe you’re being serious right now. Even Ancient writings and knowledge say that celestial bodies are spherical. This is most especially important in the worship of the Sun, which many religions then revolve their beliefs into. Even in the occult, these spherical extraterrestrial bodies are regarded to, as none other than, a sphere. They’d pretty much say something about astronomy and astrology about the things in you see in the sky as being round. That’s far as I know, though.

          Are you gonna say that the Sun revolves around the Earth too? Hahahaha. Far as I can remember, this thinking was incredibly outdated back in the 16th or 17th century, I think.

          I believe it was the Spaniards that believe the world is flat because of the horizon being flat when they are out at sea. They thought that if the world was round then how come they weren’t falling off? Their knowledge of science is extremely primitive that’s why there are a lot of old beliefs that we eventually discarded.

          Also, you didn’t acknowledge my arguments and proceeded to do an emotional charge at me. If this was a real debate, you’d be thrown out. You disregarded actual photographic evidence which are more plentiful than your actual concept of the flat earth. I’m talking about the Hubble Space Telescope sitting somewhere in United States taking breathtaking photos of the universe by taking in all light it can possibly take. It doesn’t take much. You can google ‘Milky Way galaxy’ and you’d be surprised by what you’ll see. That is REAL evidence of spherical celestial bodies.

          Another thing, since you like to throw the logic of ‘how can you know if you haven’t seen it?’, how do you know you have a brain? Sure you believe you have one and all but have you actually seen it? What photo evidence? Maybe some clever drawings of your brain? If you look at your head, you won’t be able to see the brain anywhere.

          Enlighten me with your acumen.

          • Kay ive seen brains out on the floors love i no they are real,hubble space telescope is what your going by,lol.look forget all the over thinking bullshit and just answer a simple question,have you ever seen our earth spin?with all shit they have these days ive never seen it spin,id love to myself.

          • How can you capture the earth spinning, would be a good question. Set up a camera on Mars, watch the world spin? We don’t need to capture shit because the appearance of the sun and the moon in different times and different places is evidence enough the world is not flat. If it is, aren’t both things going to appear the same place at the same time? Its like placing an basketball and a golf ball on a piece of flat paper. The sun being the basketball and the moon being the golf ball and the paper being the theoretical flat earth you claim.

            Think of Australia too. How come they get different seasons than the rest of the world? Think of us in other countries too. How come we have different climates? Because of poles. If the world is flat then those things wouldn’t be possible.

            Yeah I’ve seen brains scatter but those aren’t mine and those aren’t yours. At this point, you and I have neither seen our brains nor touched it but we know it works.

          • how can we capture the earth spinning would be a good question?Jesus i dont no brains?maybe the so called internatonal space station?in space.lol wtf?i cant get my head around how ye cant understand,is NASA paying ye our what.anyone with a good mind that took the time to read this shit is going to be a flat earther tomorrow,thanks kay

        • just because you cant prove what your saying man no point getting nasty,you still didnt answer simple questions about it.only a fool would think the world is round.

          • @fightingirish16 Ok, no, I haven’t seen the earth spin from outer space, but you can see it spin while being on earth. I say that because you’ll say that watching the earth from a satellite on the satellite channel won’t count, but you can clearly see the earth slowly rotating from that satellite.
            I figured I answer that question with seeing the sun move from east to west. You still haven’t answered any of my questions. Just private message me your answers, I’d like to hear them, really.
            And really, do I have to prove that the sun moves from east to west and also that there are different time zones?

          • Only a fool would take anything they say “over there” and bring it “over here” amd report it as FACT! Grow the fuck up dude. Think for yourself. Jesus Christ this can’t be happening here

          • i said nothin about jews but i have studied and looked into flat earth for a long time,dont ever knock anything untell you research it yourself

          • I was about to jump in here but then I remembered this is the same guy who honestly thought “Mensa” was a country. Case fuckin’ closed.

          • Oh shit I almost forgot about that hahahahahahaha I shouldnt probably respond anymore

            That was so fucking hilarious hahahaha damn

          • mikey stfu because anything that is anti me,your nose will jump on so fuck off,they dont need you to make it worse for them

          • yournextexgirl im talking to like 4 of ye what you mean i cant take it,he didnt add anything to the conversation only to make me look like a fool and belittle me so excuse yourself,i can take it but i can give it too.

          • @mikeygraves
            Yeah ……Hahahaha lol mikey ya got that right its him again . The worst problem with him is that he has his firm belief about his nuts and can’t give up thinking that they are moons of jupiter and for him all spherical things come flat ….. and they always tend to roatate around his dick when he comes dead drunk or get stoned .

            He even thinks all Irish women with those round orbs are nothing but flat board circles

          • If fly supersonic jet after sunset from east to west you beat sunset. That proof earth round but Mr Wong no able to prove Mr Irish North Hemisphere connected to South Hemisphere in his brain. Even Mrs Wong believe earth round and she so stupid she believe Mr Wong not want to fuck her sister.

          • Nextie -what year are the Jews gonna take over the world then. If not this year, as we’ve only a couple of months left of it. Next year maybe? Lol, ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

    • You know in all the countless arguments I’ve seen regarding this flat earth matter I’ve never once seen anyone bring this up;

      If the earth were flat then wouldn’t it have to end somewhere? How come no one has ever come across the edge of the earth? It only makes sense that if the world were flat then it would have to have edges…

      @fightingirish16 do tell… how do you explain that bit?

      • You forgot something…@jack

        If you believe in a flat earth…which does not conduct itself to the laws of gravity…then why doesn’t all the water on said flat earth fall off the edges?…

        Flat earth = Pure nonsensical bullshit

        • @termitedigger
          Gnat, believe me I have considered that. It just struck me as extremely weird why none of the so called “researchers” on YouTube and everywhere else never brought up that fact. And if they did I never saw it, I stopped reading into this whole flat earth nonsense and trying to understand why some people think it’s flat a while ago.

        • gnat no1 said the earth drops off,the bottom of a fish bowl is flat,the water doesnt fall out of it does it,its curved upward all around,not my saying thats what Piccard said he seen.

          • So now the earth has walls too!? In a fish tank the water doesn’t curve upwards! It hits a WALL of glass! I can’t even believe I’m reading this. It’s like the twilight zone but without the cool ass music, the main actor isn’t that good either….. Sorry Irish

          • Hey @fightingirish16, here’s a simple way to disprove your “fishbowl” theory. Take a fishbowl, hold it upside down (with the opened part facing down), over your head and pour water over it. See what happens. Since, according to the ignorant theory you’re referring to says we live on this shape of planet. It doesn’t say we live in it. P.S. The Earth revolves around the Sun, not the other way around. Also, there are no such things as “shooting” stars, as they are fixed objects in space. What you are actually talking about are called meteors and meteorites being drawn into Earth’s atmosphere by gravity and burning up due to the friction of them coming through at such a high rate of speed. And there are Comets that follow an orbit around the Sun as does all of the planets. Also, if the Earth was a flat disk, then why does the Northern and Southern Lights occur? It’s because the Earth is a sphere and the Sun’s and other Cosmic radiation are being deflected over the North and South Poles.

      • i cant explain it,do some research into it,countless test were done on the earth by different research groups to find the curvature of the earth and they never could,if the earth was round then after so many miles it should curve,it doesnt,google a man called Auguste Piccard,the most famous explorer of his time wiped from history and never talked about in schools,they named star track captain luc Piccard after him,funny that.he took a balloon to near space and he said the world was flat look him up.

          • your not allowed go to them places they have them sealed off to the public.America Russia China and countless other countrys have a packed and work together to keep people from these places,look it up,its all there if you look into it,they are nearly at world war 3 in syria and south china sea but they all work together at these places.

          • You’re dodging my question…

            Why does water flush in different directions corresponding to each pole?…

            I’m a machinist..

            If I don’t figure it out…I don’t get paid…simple as that…

            I get paid for figuring shit out…

            Please explain your THEORY…

        • @fightingirish16 Thats because a maned balloon cant reach high enough in the atmosphere. If he was any where actualy near outer space, he wouldnt be able to breath. Not to mention he would of frozen to death by then. If the earth were flat why can a boat sailing fom china travel east and reach europe? Or simply, if it travels east or west, how come it will always reach the 7 same places? Also if your standing on something as large as the earth and its spinning, you cant “see it spinning,” because your a tiny object on a large moving sphere. If the earth where flat there would be no tectonic plates which means no earth quakes or tsunamis. How do you explain seasons? Why is EVERY other planet and EVERY star a sphere? Why are we the only flat planet? Why have the oceans not drained? Why havnt we drilled through to the bottom? Becaus the earth is round.

          -also the poles are not sealed off to the publice… why the hell do you think that?

    • Hi @fightingIrish – are you for real? I mean, do you really believe that the earth and other planets are flat? If so, can you tell me where the flat circle ends? Is it like a perspex wall or somthing? Which countries have these planet edges in them? Where do all the images of space with global planets and earth come from? Are they all Photoshopped? I remember when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969, I was 8 years old, and we all watched it on TV. Who was holdino the camera, if he was the first out? I remember all the black and white images from then, and I’m sure they were very real, even if that does make me a “sheeple”. Neil Armstrong was the only one who kept his mouth firmly shut on the subject, taking any secrets he may have had to the grave. What’s your opinion? Did the Apollo 11 (13?) astronauts see real live aliens, or was it a massive set up, which the astronauts were handsomely paid for them to keep their lips zipped for life? I, for one would love to know. Knowledge is Power, people (or should I say “sheeple”, since I am one!)

          • i dont no how the sun moves around the earth or what path it takes,i dont claim to no everything about it,i do no that its flat and stationary,so you think there was a big bang and everything got created from nothing?the earth was designed and so was everything on it.the sun and moon circle the earth.if your that into it then look up Piccard or Tesla.

          • Then if the earth is “stationary”…then please explain stellar precession…


            You’re going to lose this argument…

          • @fightingirish16 You’re a miracle! I didn’t ask how the sun moves around the Earth.. Its 12:17pm over here, and its 8:17pm where you are, how come I can see the sun right above me and you can’t see it at all? That’s because its spherical. Come on man, stop looking up what people say on the internet about it and figure this out yourself. The proof is right there for all of us to see.

  5. its as flat as Hillary Clintons ass so get over it,it dont change nothing like,just wanted ye to no,thanks Kay your stupidity really helped lol,xxx.nite

  6. I just read some really, really dumb comments.

    Anyways, wtf are these kids doing? Over a boy…dumb bitch got dumped and mad then decided to go after another girl cuz her ex didn’t want her anymore. Is there a shortage of guys there?

    • @eyez2die4, I know, right? I wasn’t going to jump in, but I couldn’t scroll down fast enough not to catch a few stupid comments he made. He irritated me so much with his ignorance, I forgot what I was going to post about the actual topic.

      There might be a shortage Hun, with them killing each other, themselves and being put in prisons. Not enough guys to go around anymore.

        • @fightingirish16, Yes I did, to see what kind of dumb shit you were spewing this time. Also, I’m hyperlexic, I get bored when I’m not reading.
          Why didn’t it make sense? Did the water not drain off and soak your head? I mean, can’t you comprehend the logic behind my comparison between the theory and a hands on demonstration? Are you that brain dead? Go drink until this makes sense to your little mind. Do you really think spelling my username is going to offend me? It’s not, because I am my own God and I can do a better job than the one you believe in any day.

          • Arrogance is bliss. Don’t argue with stupid people, gives you a headache. Those words come to my mind when I read a lot of it. I actually had to go back and reread what I already read. Twice, sometimes three times just to make sure I read it correctly. I was waiting for the name David Icke to be said. I like facts I like to be told and showed something that makes me think and gets my brain going. @havohej that’s why I like talking to you babe you make me think. I would have jumped in on the convo too but everyone else said great points. I would have said if someone walked, drove, hiked over the mountains, sailed the ocean in a straight line always going the same way they would end right back at the place they started. If it was flat what countries and oceans border this wall? I doubt I’d be given an answer to it cuz there is no answer. Every family has that one very, very ‘*special’* family member. We know who ours is.

  7. Phew! Damn, all that scrolling got my thumb tired!
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, back to the post.
    When the poor girl let out that huge scream and that one girl grabbed the hammer and hit her with it..was that loud “clang” her head? How do you get hit in the head with a hammer that hard and not get knocked unconscious???
    I guess we all do stupid things as teenagers, and maybe I’m just seeing this stuff through “adult eyes” now, but damn, teens of today seem to have gotten so much more violent and vindictive. Even the meanest bully at my school had the morals to know that this kind of shit was crossing the line. I have no idea what makes a person think it’s OK to treat someone like this because they were messing around with their EX boyfriend. Seriously, WTF? I’ve NEVER hurt anyone my entire life unless it was out of self defense or by accident. Not this severely anyway. If revenge or retaliation is your game, then at least make the “punishment” fit the crime. But people like this exercise zero control of their emotions. They are completely run by them. They give in to any whim that’ll satisfy their need for “payback” for having had their pride hurt. No self control whatsoever. …then they find themselves sitting in front of a jury trying to explain why “they didn’t MEAN to do it”.

    • Sorry @eyez2die4, I guess I was typing my long as rant when you posted your comment. You said what I meant to say in a much shorter and precise manner haha!
      Even started with “anyways” lol
      Didn’t mean to repeat what you said in a much longer, complicated, drawn out rant ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

      • Hey no worries @gorycory, get it out babe!! Did you see the pictures of the 3 girls, ugly as hell, no wonder they are mad when they lose a guy, their ugly outside and horrible inside. What I think is funny though, when lil teenage kids who think their hardasses get in trouble start to cry and whine. Not so hardass now huh.

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