Man Smoking on Top of Train Results in Instant Death

Man Smoking on Top of Train Results in Instant Death

Good morning my little Gorrirors. Lets start the morning with some toast, riGOREmortis style!

Video here captures a conversation between two men that has explosive results. We see the two convesring and then one man casually walks onto the top of the train where he lights up a smoke and continues his conversation. After a bit he suddenly turns and walks into the line and BOOM!, dude goes up in flame and drops dead.

The funny part of the video is how nonchalant his friend is about the entire thing. He’s just like, “yeah, whatever, he was an asshole anyway”.

Props to @mrspink.

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37 thoughts on “Man Smoking on Top of Train Results in Instant Death

  1. Funny thing about instant death. My co workers husband just dropped dead of a heart attack the other day. He was at his job and had a massive heart attack, dead before he hit the floor. Just like that. Makes you wonder yeah? Any one of us could die at any moment.

        • I’m here, and I’m okay, I think…

          I am also sorry for your coworker and her family for their loss.

          “Any one of us could die at any moment.”

          There is math for that, Obli. I’m just far too lazy to begin something that complex as it involves statistics and probability along with health considerations (both mental and physical), age and race variables, as well as male and female factors, too. Your life insurance agent can explain it better than I.

          Therefore, it was much easier and more entertaining to crack a joke. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. In a flash he was a ball of fire !
    Be warned though that
    to smoke your lungs out atop a train is never hazardous
    but too many puffs in a go could be this bad .

    Hahaha what an arse of a stinking bull …….. if it wasn’t for the train top this smoke chaser could have lived another day ……………looks like he smoked gasoline and no nicotine
    Balls of fire have no desire but to burn

  3. We have all seen footage of indian trains, packed across the rafters with travellers
    But here a rare view of station facilities- proving that wheelchair (along with all other) access to the TOP of trains seems to be provided?

    Unfortunately, the al fresco travelling providence STOPS at “no smoking” signs

  4. I wonder why the person who took this video was taking it in the first place. What was so interesting about 2 men chatting it up by the trains? Do people just go around filming random people? Maybe I should start doing that. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a video to submit to RGM lolz.

    • That was the weird part, he touched it as soon as he got down on top of the train… he reached up and put his hands on it and nothing happened… so he lit a cigarette and waited and I don’t know if it was a delayed reaction or he was standing close enough to the bar for it to arc through him , once the power did come on… anyway Darwin in full effect he took himself out of the gene pool

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