Woman Skinned in Motorcycle Accident

Woman Skinned in Motorcycle Accident

Good morning, Gorriors! Brazilian street pizza courtesy of an unidentified Brazilian chick coming at you for your for dose of RGM gore. No info on where the accident took place or what caused it exactly but in the before picture, we see she liked to show those legs off and she got to do so one last time, albeit in a gory way. The dude in the one pic is kinda funny because he looks like he’s gonna puke and I’m like; Dude, you’re a Brazilian, you don’t puke around dead bodies! C’mon, get your shit together!

ALSO: I want to take this opportunity to wish Happy Birthday to a very special lady, the love of my life, @yournextexgirl! Sorry I couldn’t get you Brazilian street burrito but I hope street pizza is good enough. ?

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100 thoughts on “Woman Skinned in Motorcycle Accident

  1. Her skin kinda got zipped open as if
    from being once beautiful to getting skinned up her dead self now looks dreadful …. ghastly enough to send someone puking
    As much I can grasp from the pictures above I think she was some speed merchant or something who had known not when and where to draw her limits ………
    RIP girl ……… ya were cute but .

    Lest I forget here is wishing ya @yournextexgirl your happiest Birthday ever followed by even more happier ones to come.
    Its time ya ate your burritos and winked at all the gorriors on here .

    (๏พ‰โ—•ใƒฎโ—•)๏พ‰*:๏ฝฅ๏พŸโœง โœง๏พŸ๏ฝฅ: *ใƒฝ(โ—•ใƒฎโ—•ใƒฝ)

  2. @yournextexgirl, Awwwww happy birthday beautiful!!! I know it’s not a burrito but I think it’s sweet as hell obli took you out for a Brazilian style pizza! For the crazies here that’s romantic as hell. Damn, making me jealous, he’s a keeper girl…keep him..keep him locked somewhere….in chains…gag ball…fun stuff…?

    I forgot what they were called but I miss those things that look like mini burrito but they had either chicken or steak, came with 2 of them and you get either sour cream or guacamole. Those were awesome.

  3. Mr Wong just read so many Happy Birthday he forget what post about. Well, you know Mr Wong by now, ‘post remind me of time when blah blah blah Mrs Wong blah blah bitch.’ Congratulations Mrs Girl for have Birthday and Mr Wong very sorry he day late but very happy for you to make another year without die.

  4. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Nextie, and many many more of them Too! From me, AllieGee to you Nextie – make the most of your thirties they’re great, you still look good and your brain has matured enough to enjoy life. Xxxxx

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