Aftermath of Prison Riot in Ceará, Brazil

Aftermath of Prison Riot in Ceará, Brazil

Good morning, Gorriors, lets start the day with some Barbecued Brazilians!

Video captures the aftermath of a violent prison riot in the state of Ceará, Brazil. No info on what sparked the riot but we get to see the resulting gore. A fire was started and we see burning bodies with ash falling like snow, adding a surreal element to the video. Don’t know what happened but it must have been brutal as fuck.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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92 thoughts on “Aftermath of Prison Riot in Ceará, Brazil

  1. Wow, these fuckers must’ve really had a party in there. I wonder what terrorist prisons are like compared to the ones in brazil… I’m guessing those prisoners wouldn’t have as much freedom as the ones in brazilan prisons though. Wouldn’t mind seeing terrorist prisoners and brazilan prisoners going at it with each other in a prison riot… now that would be something to see lol

  2. As the camera rolls by one can gather up as to what kinda chaos and mayhem might have had taken place ………
    They were all blood bathed nastily before being torched ……….. I guess it could be the end result of two or more rival gangs going violent against each other for some petty issue or somebody’s arse lending went horribly wrong without a lube .
    Looks like somebody got pissed off real bad ……………….

    As usual few pairs of flip-flops walk by and those could be the other fucktards 🐀 watching a live show like no other going on

    Gimme Red

  3. Now that’s what I call a befitting punishment for a guy who was caught jerking off right there before the rival gang
    He was nearly climaxing when he got torched ..I guees they didn’t let him cum .
    I liked his twisted fingers though as he was caught sorrily in the act .
    Here is a lesson for novices : Never show undies and the dick when its bright in there in those prisons .
    cause You may die and ya may never cum and that would be hard for the dick

  4. Nothing good ever happens when that many white flip flops gather in one place. If just single sandle is agitated, they all strike like an angry swarm. Yup, their guna need an exterminator for a hive that size…. white flip flops are also known for killing people in motorcycle acidents, and are often found flocking in small heards pointing at mangled railroad flip flops.

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