Suicidal Vietnamese Woman Jumps Into River From Bridge

Suicidal Vietnamese Woman Jumps Into River From Bridge

Video from Vietnam captures the final moments of a suicide jumper on a bridge. The man filming attempts to talk with her, along with others there but the woman jumps and takes a pretty long fall into the water. She is presumed dead. People at the scene back on land did not go into the water after her because of the depth of the river.

Props to @mrspink.

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28 thoughts on “Suicidal Vietnamese Woman Jumps Into River From Bridge

  1. Always wondered what your last thoughts would be when you have decided you guna die in a few seconds ? She sitting on edge there for a few secs so wonder what her last thoughts were
    .also drowning hmm not sure I would of picked that method scary way to go i think

  2. I remember daring a friend to jump off a bridge into the water below in exchange for a pack of cigarettes when I was 18. It wasn’t this high and the water was more shallow than it looked, he damn near broke his legs when he jumped in… lol but yeah he was alright and got a pack of smokes out of it so all’s well that ends well.

    • Shallow beds are forever heartless
      its a wonder and a miracle your friend lived the day and got his pack of ciggies in exchange
      I am guessing your pack of ciggies was a pricier one ………..hahahaha gimme one if ya got any of those to smoke away my dark hours
      I hope ya wouldn’t DARE me do something outta the extraordinary

        • Since you wanna dare me up to scale those heights I’m gonna say hello gimme all of those kinda INVITES but me is not much for smokes not even any numbers in a pack matter much .
          I am gonna have to settle for kick arse good times with girls and booze . …….see if ya have got a way to have that fixed up and say yes before I leap out for an all WIN WIN TIMES
          Aw hey hey hey bad arse
          booters are the best ones as they come and go unofficially but they end up pleasing teasing kissing anyone and everyone

          see ya by the other side of the bridge

  3. Oh shit! I thought she was gonna die on impact, or at least get knocked out and THEN drown, but it looks like she changed her mind about dying by the way she was thrashing about. Almost looked like she was being attacked by a shark!

  4. You could see her still moving after that. 😀 But probably broke her spine or neck in the fall.

    I wonder if it would work to tell a female suicide jumper “Please dont jump! You’re too hot/beautiful/sexy/(etc) to die!” even if it was false… 😆 You know, trying to seduce them into a pleasure filled life rather than just trying to convince them of it.

  5. Her goofy ass gets a 3 for the half ass way she left the bridge, almost looked like she wanted to dangle there for a bit and just lost her grip… I’ll give her 2 bonus points for not dying immediately for a final score of 5 and only because she did succeed in the end?

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