Da Silva Hits Concrete Pole at High Rate of Speed

Da Silva Hits Concrete Pole at High Rate of Speed

Damn, look at that impact. Talk about whiplash! CCTV captures a man hitting a concrete pole. The victim was identified as Guilherme Pereira Da Silva, who was dead at the scene. No info on the cause of the crash but just goes to show you, that it can all be over in an instant. So have fun on that morning or evening commute, boys and gores, lest you end up gracing the pages of riGOREmortis!

Props to @mrspink

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40 thoughts on “Da Silva Hits Concrete Pole at High Rate of Speed

  1. WTF …………I gotta go and I am never cumming back…
    Just felt I am kinda over adrenalized watching reading this post .

    All Da Silvas are good at trying to outsmart anyone.and everyone …….. no matter whichever the hour …….
    One needs no concrete evidence as to how he could have cum this fast as the freak made the concrete pole to speak for him, …… often times ……its the Speed that thrills , chills and kills their sorry arses .
    Reck less Bastards 🐷 in their sorry lives is what they all are
    Those two on the bike saw it all and are happy about not wasting any bullets .
    I have dashed un to another road and will see ya about an hour from now .

    • The impact was brutal, surprised he wasn’t ripped apart, the pole jumped right out in front of him. ♫ “Whiskey bottles, and shitty cars, Concrete pole you’re in my way . . .” ♫

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