Wife of Mr. Burns on the Slab

After 108 Years, Mr. Burns Found Himself a Wife

In case you don’t know Mr. Burns (shame on you), he is psychopathic, mega-tycoon, single billionaire and also Homer Simpson’s boss from ‘The Simpsons’. He is a scrawny, frail centennial man who lives on doing evil things and making money. He also does the hands thing and says ‘excellent’ when he does.

I have no idea where this is from but by the looks of it, the picture looks like there’s students behind the dead body and they must be observing it for school. Sigh… if I had money for med school I would probably in my second year in now. I would’ve graduated with a degree in Medicine before I turn 25. Think about, Dr. Kay. I sound like a DJ on a late night radio talk show offering advice about love. Oh, well… don’t wish upon a star because that star is most likely dead… like this woman on the slab and your dreams.

The frail, old woman looks kinda creepy, to be honest with you and she looks a lot like the naked Mr. Burns plus he’s a pale yellow too so there you go! A match made in heaven! It also looks like osmething you’d hang on your door for Halloween and it just pops out of nowhere and gives you a good jumpscare. Only that this isn’t a plastic toy and is actually the remains of a person.

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32 thoughts on “Wife of Mr. Burns on the Slab

    • Ha-ha! In one of my favorite Simpsons episodes, flashback to Homer’s Class of ’74 Prom. When they are going in, Barney tells Principle Skinner that his bong is an inhaler. That’s what is great about the Simpsons, everyone can watch, the adult jokes go right over the kid’s heads.

      • I think I remember that episode, I used to watch repeats of that show all the time on tv when I was a kid, lol I used to love the simpsons but ever since I started watching family guy and American dad I kinda just stopped.

  1. Bloody hell..all that came from that wee frame! Love a good autopsy also..liked watching some of the russian autopsys ..like gutting a fish really..these guys take approx 5mins took cut chop & remove from ya tonge down to your ass hole in one rench…amazing…if Id off had the right everything would of loved to be a forensic coroner..or work on a cadaver farm..see how nature works ..?

  2. She looks like most civilians do over here. Some carry around a few more gallons of fat, some look a little bit younger ( when they’re like 20 ) , but they all look as lifeless, soulless and numb-minded as this corpse does.
    Actually not joking. I see plenty of faces like this one on a daily basis in town.

  3. She looked like death, I’m sure even when she was still living…..so why bother and color your hair at that point lol, and not even a natural looking color at that!
    And I love the pink “pillow”. Looks like a fake log. So weird.

  4. She got emptied out easily . There wasn’t much on hand for the morticians to extract out except some pounds of age old innards ………and there are hardly any to teach as to what’s what .
    Her breasts were no chest or breasts …………but those popped out ribs appeared to be JAWS OF A SHARK

  5. This is sad. This woman obviously died from neglect. If she had fat on her you could see her face would be filled out and she is probably 50-65 yrs old. Organs look healthy, which points in the direction that this lady was starved by her caretaker/s. There is NO excuse for someone to have 0% fat and for their body to starve itself and eat away all available muscle. Looks like everyone in the picture is of an Asian decent, but she isn’t. Poor woman.
    Also what the hell is up with the creepy guy on the right? Doesn’t look like he should be left with any dead bodies alone…. What a Scary freaky dude.

      • In sorry @obli I know watching a loved one suffer is gut wretching and frustrating.

        By the way I saw your other comments and I was going to respond. I’m a Trump supporter and I’m voting for him this year. They both are unfit. But I have many personal reasons why I’m pro trump. Not to mention I can not and will not support a person who has been in a political position and blatantly lied to the people, among other serious things.
        I’d feather someone tell me how they feel, whether I agree or not, and how it’s going to be then look me in my eyes and lie to me.
        No he might not be PCorrect but I don’t think some of he greatest presidents this nation have had were either. It’s the snakes that we have to watch out for and she is an anaconda in that regard.
        Not to mention everything that the bias media calls trump out for, Hilary and her “great” foundation have done 10x.
        I just wish people didn’t follow the media and actually did thier own research. That’s all.

  6. I think something different is going on here. I believe the evidence shows she was starved (thin) she was abused (bloody nose) and raped (feet are tied). Just playing, but it looks odd to tie her up like that, I dont think she was gonna run away any time soon.

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