Rotting Bodies of Fleeing Fugitives Found in Venezuela

Rotting Bodies of Fleeing Fugitives Found in Venezuela

I have to be honest with you guys, I really REALLY tried my best at understanding the translation. According to the best what I can do and @mrspink’s source:

On September 23, the two bodies of Juan Francisco Cortés, 18, and Jean Carlos Espina, 19, where found at the entrance of a beach in Venezuela. The two young men were arrested earlier because they were caught stealing at some shop and they were accompanied by an accomplice that didn’t get harmed who was a friend of one of the deceased males. However, the accomplice in here ratted out to the cops, because maybe the two tried to run after getting arrested. The police beaten the two young guys into a bloody pulp and threw their bodies into a river.

I really am not sure which one is the money shot: the bloated dick OR the bloated ass. I don’t know. You guys decide.

Moral lesson of the story is: don’t fuck with the cops. You got caught stealing by cops, you have to willfully go with the police to repay your debt to society then come back after your sentence. If you’re gonna commit a crime, you sure should expect to get caught, right? Oh well, these young chaps have learned in the hardest of ways not to ‘fuk da police coming straight from the underground.’

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  2. Who knows what’s still inside those bodies! Maybe there are some water snakes, mud puppies, eggs or cocoons laid in them. I’m glad I’m not the guy who’s gonna cut these bodies open.

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