Old Man Found on Frozen Lake in Ankara

Old Man Found on Frozen Lake in Ankara

A frozen 60 year old man was found dead in a lake in Ankara, Turkey. Retrieving the body was quite a task for the uhm, rescuers? I guess but they managed to fish it out and have it autopsied. No credible information on how he ended up in that state.

For me, I think freezing to death is a better way of dying that burning to death because burning to death is like the Level 1 of actually burning in hell. If I’m gonna go to hell anyway, then why choose the method that makes me feel like I’m already there when I’m not officially dead yet? But, if in case heaven and hell are real, I am making sure I am making 1 million sins because if 1 sin would send me to hell anyway then why not make 1 million sins and make myself a legend in hell? Sounds like a good plan.

Don’t forget to go to church, my RGM fellows. Don’t burn in hell like Kay. That’s really cool for me because I get to meet the dead rockstars and George Carlin in there.

Props to @mrspink, our supplier of daily gore. 🙂

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38 thoughts on “Old Man Found on Frozen Lake in Ankara

  1. Chances are that the man was a journalist that was plotting against the government… 😛 They seem to be a favorite target from Erdogan’s regime…

    And fuck church! Im not gonna waste my time getting told that im gonna go to hell and praying for a fucking invisible flying spaggeti monster that doesnt exist, unlike our Lord and Savior Chtulhu… 😆

    • @derkopfsammler HP Lovecraft is the man! I forget where it was in the US but some university students started a program called Campus for Christ and made shirts with CFC logos and a picture of Jesus. As a response other students made shirts that also said CFC but with a picture of Chtulhu. I thought you would appreciate that.

  2. Hey good thinking there, Kay, best rack up those sins while we still can. I sometimes role play as Jesus Christ on a dirty chat site… with the amount of filth that I type over there combined with everything else… lol yeah, no chance of redemption… but you know what, fuck redemption, live for the here and now, deal with the consequences later.

  3. Honestly I would rather freeze to death then burn to death. I’ve already had boiling hot Asian food from a drive threw restaurant spill all over my leg and give me 1st degree burns when i was very young. I wouldn’t want to go through that again.

  4. The Iceman cometh
    To steal your life away
    He’s on an undying mission
    In which you cannot delay
    Looking deep into his eyes
    Will chill you to the bone
    Embraced within in his arms
    Now you are utterly alone
    You will decay once touched
    By his frigid rotting breath
    He is your one true master
    Known only by the name of Death

          • @ havohej I think it’s great – shows another side of you. Obli’s a poet too – I remember reading some of his stuff on the other site.Seem to recall he said he kept it in a notebook & dated it, just in case anybody tried to plagiarize it, which is a great idea – just in case. Anyways – hope you’ll share more, now that you’ve taken the big leap once!

          • @synlover, Thank you again. That’s the only side of me I keep a secret from others. With everything else, I’m an open book. After having a conversation on here the other night and said i am being honest here, I have no reason to lie about who, or what I am, because no one knows me and we will never meet, I’ve decided to open that side. But, I’m still apprehensive about it. Even though I wrote something for @eyez2die4 in the post: Brazilian Music Video of Teen Trafficer Being Beheaded, because of a comment she made. That was uncomfortable too. It’s evident in the mistakes I made with leaving out a couple words in parts of it.
            The saying is true, you have to crawl before you can walk.

  5. Finally something good coming from Turkey. But then, they say the worst turks go off to live and breed in Europe. It is said the more decent turks stay in Turkey. It’s a shame we in Europe have to deal with the lowest scum. And they breed like roaches, too.

  6. Oh, he’s gonna be so pissed when he thaws out and realizes he’s not in the future. Those assholes ruined his “poor man’s” Cryogenics! >:(

  7. Defrost me please …..I have had enough of myself acting trying to mimic Criss Angel .

    Also I beg of ya to get me revived by stroking my dick and I need no resuscitation for I have not brushed for fucking so many months
    Anyone please do care to call me MR . ICE CUBE

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