Man Guilty of Cutting Woman’s Throat in Brazil

Man Guilty of Cutting Woman's Throat in Brazil

Christ Jesus, look at that ugly motherfucker. Makes you just wanna punch him, you know? But, for you Westerners in there, ‘Due Process’ is but a myth on places like Brazil and mine. If this guy was caught killing the woman then the mob can pretty much kill him and give the woman her justice – doesn’t matter if she’s innocent or not, though. Police might do something about it but without the money, which most people in third world countries don’t have, cases are rarely processed. Just spewing some other worldly knowledge to you, ‘gorriors’.

I have not received much information about this set aside from that the man is wanted for the bloody murder of a Brazilian woman where she had her throat slashed probably when she was asleep or during sexy time because she was just in her underwear. Underwear wasn’t forcefully removed either so I guess they might have been living together.

That’s fucked up, isn’t it? What if one day you wake up learning that your husband or wife is a goddamn psycho and you find out that you’re missing a chunk of flesh on your face or chest because they got suspicious of you when you’re talking to a corner store lady just because you asked where the Snickers bars are? I smell divorce and therapy after that catastrophe.

They’re not them if they’re hungry and when they’re hungry, throw them a Snickers and get the fuck outta there, foo!

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51 thoughts on “Man Guilty of Cutting Woman’s Throat in Brazil

  1. I fed, fucked,married, and sleptnext to one for almost three years. One day my ex hubby tried killing me, and I became the headcuntress I am today! Shit happens,you pull your big girl panties up, push your crown back, and keep it pushing princess! Un/fortunately for this bitch,she’s finally free! Great post Dr.@staciejaxx
    Thank you!

  2. Having a loving partner suddenly go more psycho on you than usual, like trying to kill both you and herself cause she thought you cheated on her can seem really bad at first… fuck, I was so glad to never have to deal with her shit ever again… now I’d give anything to have her back 🙁

    • What’s just as scary is after reading some of the latest post that someone sent me to look at on Shitgore. Every murdered woman is openly blamed for their own death and there are members agreeing. I find it terrifying to think that these people are walking among us. They are actually advocating for the death, torture and murder of women. Even blaming female victims of accidents liable due to thier own stupidity and that hey should have “stayed in the kitchen where they belong.”
      It is sick and just knowing that there are people out there that agree with this insanity not only boggles the mind but thoroughly upsets me. It is a dangerous agenda that more and more warped minds are being made to believe. not only is it completely unacceptable, but extremely terrifying. Seems like it is more blantantly spoken about and the rhetoric is being pushed as facts by incorporating bias, unscientific and completely false statistics.

  3. I’m ‘one of the westerners’ on here, and i can tell you that it’s not much different in our countries. In fact after spending a few years in Asia, upon return in Europe i was aghast to see that corruption is very much present in western countries too the same way it is in Asia. Only it is more insidious, because it’s hidden under a thin varnish of ‘civilisation’ and blue collars. But the cops, politicians and commercial $$$ enterprises here are corrupt lying money-greedy bastards as well. Crimes are shoved under the table, criminals are protected, cops are lazy imcompetent arses, and the violation of basic civil rights is in everyone’s face yet nobody does something against the elementary school children dressed as adults that are supposed to ‘rule’ these countries. So it’s the same basically, they all take baksheesh. Yes our ‘standards of living’ may be higher but the truth is, hundreds of thousands are living below poverty level in these countries too. That’s why there are things like ‘food banks’ and ‘debt sanitation’, they’re meant for the ones that have to get by on beggar income. Third world countries are possibly not ( much ) worse off than western countries. Corruption is the same, standards of living will vary but only for the rich, and psychologically you may even have an advantage, because your climate is better, and your pace of living is healthier than the western world idiocy is.

    • @h-t, As a “Westerner” I completely agree with you. There’s not much difference between a third world country and the western country I live in, Uh-merica. Corruption is rampant, the rich live above the law and the poor are opressed by it.
      Freedom and Justice are illusions put in place to keep the zombie horde at bay. You are free to do as you’re told, if not you are punished and if you go after someone that’s fucked you over, you get penalized.
      She is a prison country, her boarders are the walls and you can only leave with your parole papers, also known as your passports. It’s not the same place every soldier that’s ever proudly put on their uniform, or my grandfather and his fathers before him fought and died for.
      The piece of shit government officials made it this way and they shit on the sacrifices every single soldier and American has made. They have wiped their greedy asses on the flag and what it’s supposed to represent so many times it can never be cleaned.
      Every elected official has been spitting on its integrity since the Bush’s inbred, white trash asses got in office. And for what? Oil, money and their ideas of what power should be.
      Then it got worse when that illegal immigrant, scuzlim Obama got in, (look up the Harvard Law Review 1991 Yearbook, he said it there that he was born in Kenya). All he’s been doing is licking the asses of our enemies and giving this country away hand over fist to make himself rich as well.
      The government should fear us, the natural citizens, since they are nothing more than public servants. We shouldn’t fear them.
      I abhor the people who say: “You can be anything you want to be in America.” That’s a lie and only applies to those that have money to begin with and buy their way into the elite clubs known as college. If you don’t go, then you can’t really be what you want. No college, no job opportunities. You have to fight for the scraps that are left over.
      Why? Because of a corrupt government. We no longer have a democracy, which means “People Power”. The politicians have all the power, NOT the people.

      • Maybe you should visit Cleveland, Ohio for a while. Because I can just walk out my door and I’m in one. The fucking immigrants have brought it with them. A guy was murdered while running the corner store less than 300ft. from my apartment. He was shot several times and left to drown in his own blood. His children found his body. Multiple dead bodies have been found in empty houses, garages and lots here. One woman was found murdered and naked by a freeway overpass, a girl was found buried under another. Some spic, Ariel Castro, held three women and a child captive on Seymour Avenue for about a decade, chained like pets and brutalized. A guy off W. 14th street was hacked with a machete, he no longer has feeling in his hand.
        A girl I just started seeing and known a couple years, Rhondalynn Wynn was stabbed to death on the east side last year, with her 18 month old daughter in the room, covered in her mom’s blood. Anthony Sowell murdered 11 women on Imperial Ave. and maybe more. A Piketon, Ohio family of 8 was executed in their own home this year.
        A few years ago the pigs murdered a developmentally handicapped teen because she “was resisting arrest” outside her school. They blew away a 14 year old child because he had a toy gun and they were in “fear of their lives”. Also, the pussies pumped more bullets into a car with a couple in it than Bonnie and Clyde’s because the pigs were so retarded, they couldn’t tell the difference between a car backfiring and a gun shot, they also “feared for their lives” after chasing the couple across the city and killed them in a schoolyard. A guy was smothered to death after a traffic stop in Brookpark. Another guy was shot to death in Parma for supposedly stealing some pig’s cunt wife’s cheap jewelry, which they found out later he didn’t have. All the pigs were set free after committing these murders. In 2008, my 57 year old mom with heart problems was tasered because they were “afraid of her”, after they pulled her over for driving with just her running lights on before dusk. I was tackled, my face smashed into the street and broke most of my teeth, then arrested because I tried to stop the son of a whore from killing her.
        A drunk city council member was pulled over for drinking and driving on a suspended license and got a slap on the wrist.
        These things I speak of are happening all over America, not just here in Cleveland. We have the same problems here in this developed country, as does third world countries. The only differences are that more people here have running water, electricity and don’t have as many muddy streets. So, I don’t need to go to a third world country, I just have to walk out my door. That’s the sad truth.

    • Where in Asia did you spend a few years in? Japan, Korea and Singapore don’t count because they have incredible standards of living, maybe even better than USA or the UK.

      But, if you’ve spent years in Thailand, Philippines or India, I think you might reconsider the statement you said there.

      I don’t know which country you are from but saying that Europe is like third world Asia then I’d be inclined to think that you used poor analogy.

      • I know that you’ve a Filipino, but have you actually been to the US, Canada or UK? Yes, the standard of living is better in the West. However, there are patches of third world in the first World. As the man stated, corruption does exist, it’s just not as obvious as in India. There are places in Canada where Aboriginal communities do not have clean water (must be boiled before drinking) and multiple families live in tiny dwelling. There are critical.e ridden areas as well. It will be a matter of time before the west decays into athird world mess.

        • To compare the Philippines to the US is comparing a Corolla to a Range Rover. I’m not talking about the new Corolla, I am talking about the really old, 2002 Corolla. Yes they are cars, they have engines and seats and a steering wheel but, could you really compare the two and say that Range Rover is sort of like a Corolla just because they have the some similarities? The latter being superior to the former. Same applies to a third world country to any first world country.

          Also, aren’t the aborigines Australian?

          • I don’tt know why labarang did not respond to you but i will for fun.

            An aborigine is anyone who is a native of an area. Latin ..ab origine.

            Yet you are right, until recently when you heard the word Aborigine it almost certainly referred only to the black natives of Australia.

          • Aboriginal is a term related to ‘native’ or original people. In Australia the aboriginals are called aboriginies. In Canada they’re called ”First Nations”. Some call them Indians.
            The aboriginals in Canada’s remote areas often live without easy access to clean water and live in shacks and huts. Drug and alcohol abuse is common.

    • @h-t, baksheesh……….yea thats the word
      guess what ???? I was all over the web trying to dig in to the word and it says that means
      BRIBE ……….is that right if we get started to talk from here on .
      Let the good times roll ………..ya spoke your mind and I Iiked it

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