Man Gets Shot in the Face During Shootout with Police

Man Gets Shot in the Face During Shootout with Police

Only info I have on this one is the obvious. A man was shot during a shootout and the police fired on him, opening up a huge hole in his face. He survived the ordeal and was taken to a local hospital where he is shown in bed and trying to talk. Also have some pretty good pictures of the gory ass hole where most of his face used to be. Say hello to eating through a straw for a time, fella.

Props to @mrspink

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21 thoughts on “Man Gets Shot in the Face During Shootout with Police

  1. He is done for …….. Now he can’t be kissed nor can he go kissing
    That’s the whole big problem when you try biting at the bullets
    He will want no facial done from here on .

    He can’t even say CHEESE cause if he did that he will have the other cheek with another gaping hole ………….
    arsehole……didn’t your Mom tell ya not to be cheeky .???

  2. I am thinking surgeons working on him are gonna need some Mortar to fix this guy up or alternatively cut out another hole to make him look his best …………its time he laughed and said hello because he is in the lime light

    Props to the cops for fucking his faggoty face up

  3. That is an exit wound and very likely from a defensive type round such as a hollow point or one of my favorites, a hydra-shock projectile of at least 9mm. They are some very effective bullets, as far as damage inflicted when it hits a soft as compared to a hard target such as bricks or wood even, making the venerable 9mm that much more of a lethal caliber at a lower price point.

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