Man and Woman Killed After Hitting Guard Rail

Man and Woman Killed After Hitting Guard Rail

A man and a woman were killed after hitting a guard rail while riding a motorcycle. I don’t know exactly where the accident occurred but along a stretch of highway. The man was stripped and ripped apart whereas the female was thrown a distance and suffered serious foot trauma. A woman arrives on the scene mourning them both so it seems she knew them and her cries add a more sombre tone to the gore. Circumstances surrounding the crash are unknown.

Thanks to @mrspink.

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31 thoughts on “Man and Woman Killed After Hitting Guard Rail

  1. He was trying missionary position when he got ripped apart
    They say never fuck a pole when your babe is around

    Circumstances surrounding the crash have been known.
    and that leaves me to wind up and have the
    Chapter closed ?

  2. Looks like some perv pulled his pants down, can’t see his pants coming down like that by themselves in a bike crash, though I guess it’s possible. Or maybe his pants were already partially down before the crash cause the girl was giving him a handjob and that’s what caused them to crash… Hmm so many theories…

  3. The woman at 1:06 is telling the guy who’s filming that everybody is made of meat and bones, that we all have feelings, and that we’ll all go back to dust, where we came from.

    I couldn’t help but laugh at how he turned the body like “hum.. let us see what we have here..”

    • That moment stood out to me too. But it gave me an unusual feeling for some reason. I know often through the pics we can tell that the bodies have been moved or they’ll actually show the bodies being moved when they’re putting them in body bags or whatever, but this made me feel like I was there discovering these bodies with them. And this might sound weird but rolling over the girl seemed like when a kid sees a dead animal for the first time so he pokes at it with a stick out of curiosity to explore it.
      Maybe I’m just having a weird day :/
      Much thanks to @mrspink and @obli

      • @gorycory I felt the same way because we were seeing it for the first time with that person. At that moment, he could be thinking she’s still alive, but we knew she was already dead, otherwise it would have added more suspense.

  4. Such a violent and tragic end to their lives, but I’ve always felt that it’s a best case scenario when a couple dies together (as long as there are no kids or they’re grown). Yes, for us there’s twice the mourning, but for them there is no mourning at all. They don’t have to go through the pain and sadness of having to go on through life without the other. I don’t know, maybe that’s selfish of me. They look young and they had people who loved them, which makes it even more tragic :'(

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